Baldur’s Gate 3 now includes ‘evil’ Taylor Swift

Baldur’s Gate 3 now includes ‘evil’ Taylor Swift
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Alex Garton


25th Oct 2023 11:25

Baldur's Gate 3 has an immensely impressive character creator, giving adventurers the tools to spend countless hours customising and tweaking their appearance.

While the majority of players create themselves in Baldurs Gate 3 or their idea of the ultimate hero, others like to set themselves more of a challenge.

Instead of starting from scratch, some creative fans enjoy making celebrities and placing them into the Forgotten Realms.

One popstar we didn't expect to see in Baldurs Gate 3 is Taylor Swift, but she now has a place in the universe. Unfortunately, this version of Taylor is a little less friendly.

Taylor Swift has been created in Baldurs Gate 3



Taking to the BaldursGate3 subreddit, user mokomokojojo1 decided to share their recreation of Taylor Swift, and it's extremely impressive.

Naming their version of the popstar "Taylor Swiftfoot," they've managed to capture her appearance perfectly and must have spent hours in the character creator.

Of course, the only correct choice for the class was Bard, which allows Taylor to carry over her popular music career in the world of Baldur's Gate 3.

While she looks friendly at a glance though, this is a version of Taylor you're advised to avoid at all costs, as she's a Dark Urge character.

Baldurs Gate 3 Taylor Swift is evil and players love it

Party in Baldurs Gate 3
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For those unaware, Dark Urge is an origin story where your character struggles with an internal evil that attempts to take over and pushes you to kill others. 

Baldur's Gate 3 fans in the thread loved the idea of a terrifying Taylor Swift causing havoc during an adventure and quickly started making puns.

"I'm sorry, but the old Taylor can't come to the phone right now," joked one user, with another dropping the classic, "I knew she was trouble when she walked in."

It's exciting to see players getting so creative with the character creator, and hopefully, more celebrities will be added to Baldur's Gate 3. Let's hope the new arrivals are a little less "evil" than this version of Taylor.

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