Baldur’s Gate 3's Raphael exploit is back and better than ever

Baldur’s Gate 3's Raphael exploit is back and better than ever
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4th Jan 2024 23:08

An exploit which allows players to get some of the best armour in Baldur’s Gate 3 seems to be back in the game and better than ever.

While the exploit previously gave players EXP and the character’s diary, it seems to now be even stronger, dropping a late game item before the end of Act 1.

A powerful glitch seems to have been reintroduced to Baldur’s Gate 3

A Reddit user has discovered than an exploit involving one of Baldur’s Gate 3’s baddies is back in the game, and now drops even better rewards than before.

“Today I found out you can knock out a certain character in the camp, and they will drop a very very OP late game item,” wrote Reddit user Hope_bringer.

The character they were speaking about is, of course, Raphael.

They continued: “I remember that before there was an exploit to get 1400 EXP from knocking him out prior to patch 5, but all he dropped was his diary, apparently the Hulldusk Armour drops instead now.”

Helldusk Armour is not usually obtainable until late game, when it is looted from Raphael’s body in the House of Hope.

The armour is very strong, with an armour class of 21. It also grants proficiency with heavy armour, immunity to fire damage, and the spell Fly.


What does the glitch involve?

by u/Hope_bringer from discussion
in BG3

In order to obtain the armour from Raphael, it seems as though you will need to non-lethally attack him in your camp.

“He appears when you never speak with him,” said Hope_bringer when asked how to get Raphael to visit the camp. “If you attack him prior to the camp scene like I did he will leave right away and you get him to visit your camp before you visit the creche.”

There are several places throughout Act 1 that can cause Raphael to spawn, and it seems as if avoiding these will cause him to come to camp to introduce himself.

It appears that Hope_bringer triggered the glitch by non-lethally swinging at him before initiating any dialogue.

The Redditor also stated that the silenced Raphael, which appeared to prevent him from fighting back or alerting anyone to the attack.

Whether or not it is advisable to anger Raphael so early on in the game is yet to be seen, with u/Hope_bringer only just embarking on Act 2 of the game.

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