Recording nude Baldur’s Gate 3 videos could get you banned

Recording nude Baldur’s Gate 3 videos could get you banned
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3rd Jan 2024 14:17

As well as sweeping the awards board in terms of Game of the Year nods in 2023, Larian Studios also nabbed itself the (unofficial) award for being the year's sauciest game. Whether it was because of banging bears or banging clowns, Baldur's Gate 3 earned itself a reputation as a particular NSFW game. 

While a lot more tasteful than Leisure Suit Larry, Baldur's Gate 3 wasn't afraid to quite literally bare all, stripping off and waving plenty of bits in our faces. Most of us saw it as any other game where you can pick your romance options, while others tittered away like we were on a school playground.

Recording Baldur's Gate 3's nude characters could get you banned

Even though the snickering and red faces have largely subsided, the Baldur's Gate 3 community is warned that recording videos of your characters in their undressed state could slap you with a ban. In a game that largely spends as much time with its clothes off as it does on, that could be a problem. 

Despite Baldur's Gate 3 being plastered with a very clear NSFW rating, redditor u/Daddy-Vegas claims to have been banned on Xbox for recording gameplay during some rather risque scenes. As Xbox uploads each clip for easy access, the OP's recording of "camp time fun" led to them being struck.

Each of these three videos was apparently an infraction, and with multiple strikes, they've reportedly been banned for a year. Although the player hopes they can appeal this seemingly draconian way of doing things, there's a chance that these adult videos have cost them a year of gaming.

Players can't believe they're being banned for nude scenes

Baldur's Gate 3 topless man
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Others are warned that recording your Baldur's Gate 3 playthrough could earn you a similar fate, and as the process is automatic, you'd better be careful. As they're banned from any game that requires a connection, the OP is furious that they're also locked out of the likes of Modern Warfare 3.

One fan wrote, "That happened to me cause I took a cheeky screenshot of some dubious t*t in Dante’s inferno and got a 24 hour ban or something." Another added, "Made that mistake with the attack on titan game (which doesn’t even have any sort of inappropriate full frontal nudity), and didn’t get to appeal. so annoying that it automatically resorts to banning you instead of letting you know you should delete it hope you get the appeal, that really sucks."

As most titles seem okay with gratuitous violence and blowing someone's head up, it seems genitals are where we need to draw the line. Hindsight is a great thing, with someone concluding, "Heads up, you can set it so it doesn't upload automatically, and if you want it you can pop a USB in and transfer it that way."

It's clear this isn't an isolated incident, and while there are plenty of suggestions for how Microsoft could tag clips as mature, others say that sounds like too much hard work for the gaming giant. Unless you've switched off automatic uploads, be careful next time you want to catch a bit of side boob. 

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