Apex Legends: When Does Season 7 Start?

Apex Legends: When Does Season 7 Start?

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Tom Chapman


3rd Nov 2020 10:42

Respawn Entertainment is rolling out the red carpet as we finally know when Apex Legends Season 7 will start. The company's first-person shooter and Titanfall spin-off has been going great guns since last year, and as we head into Season 7, there's set to be another massive overhaul.

As well as the introduction of a new Legend called Horizon, we're heading to pastures new with the introduction of the Olympus. A mythical city floating in the sky was first teased in Season 5 and has loomed in the background of the source code ever since. Strange UFOs have hinted at intergalactic exploration in the next season, while Horizon's disembodied voice on the Firing Range set up her own tragic backstory. 

There's a lot going on in Apex Legends Season 7, meaning players are more excited than ever to get to grips and leap back off the dropship.


When does Apex Legends Season 7 start?

For those who can't wait to get to grips with Apex Legends Season 7, there's good news because there are only a few days to wait. According to the official Apex Twitter, Season 7 will be on the starting blocks tomorrow (November 4) in the USA at 8 pm PST. That means it will be going live in the UK at 4 am on November 5. You'll have to get up extra early if you want to play in the UK, but come on, we know plenty of you will be doing just that.

Respawn explained, "Apex Legends is now available to Pre-load on Steam. The Steam release will feature cross-progression with Origin, allowing players persistent progress across both accounts.

“Season 7 of the award-winning Battle Royale features a new map: the floating city of Olympus. Plus new Legend Horizon arrives to upend the competition with her gravity-defying tech. Olympus features levitating “Trident” vehicles, giving gameplay an exciting new dimension.

“To celebrate the launch, Steam players will get free exclusive Portal and Half-Life-inspired gun charms for playing this season". 


What else can you expect in Apex Legends Season 7?

Horizon looks like she has that perfect mix of brain and brawn when she joins the rest of the Legends. There's been plenty of hype surrounding her arrival to the game. She wears a customised space suit that lets her drop from massive heights and control herself in the air. Horizon can make the most of the new gravity lifts to shoot her team higher into the air, while she also deploys her pint-sized robot called NEWT - who can drop a tiny black hole into the path of enemies.

She's expected to be a popular choice when she finally goes live. Another perk is the addition of Olympus. As well as navigating the rotating agricultural towers and fancy garden eateries, this floating utopia has the Phase Runner tunnel running through the middle, which will let you and teammates cross the map in seconds. To get to grips with Olympus, there's the Olympus Preview LTM.

The mode will only run for a single week but adds you to the action with 30 Legends on the Olympus map and explore things with ease. Circles will still be active, but when the fourth closes, you're sent back to the dropship for another skydive. There are three runs before the end, so explore Olympus at your leisure. 

Finally, the Trident vehicle will fit your whole squad in. You can either be the third-person driver or ride shotgun (literally) and take out enemies with full shooting capabilities. Although the Trident is indestructible, you and your team will still take damage inside - which will be distributed among you all. 

Apex Legends: Ascension is waiting in the wings as what could be the biggest season yet, so we hope you've been practising your shooting skills. Remember, there's something big just over the "horizon". 


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