A prominent Apex Legends dataminer has revealed all of the new locations to the new Season 7 map, Olympus.

12:30, 28 Oct 2020

Respawn Entertainment has recently revealed that the outlanders will finally be leaving Kings Canyon and World's Edge behind, as they are welcomed to a new horizon. Literally.

The newest legend, Horizon, appears to be a future descendant of Braveheart, as the Scottish heroine has arisen from her ghastly backstory to set her eyes on correcting the past. With a clear vengeance and motive to right the wrongs of her history, Horizon will lead the charge into the new map, Olympus.

Olympus is set to play host to 16 locations in what appears to be a congested map with few open areas. Prominent Apex Legends datatminer Tobias "Biast12" has revealed each and every location, with an image of what the map should look like.

All Apex Legends Olympus Map Locations

Biast12 has revealed that the following locations will combine to make Olympus, as the outlands finest Legends will land here from the Hammond Robotics rocket.

  • Turbine
  • Orbital Cannon
  • Rift
  • Docks
  • Hammond Labs
  • Power Grid
  • Carrier
  • Oasis
  • Elysium
  • Hydroponics
  • Bonsai Plaza
  • Solar Array
  • Grow Towers
  • Gardens
  • Energy Depot
  • Estates

The dataminer has also revealed the new layout of the map.

With Lifeline, Mirage, Horizon and the rest of the legends edging closer to the end of Season 6, it may be players' final chance to deploy from the dropship into the beloved Kings Canyon which been the forefront of the battle since Apex Legends' conception. With Hammond Robotics taking over, it looks as if we'll soon be leaving the original arena behind, although let's be honest, it isn't the same without Skull Town anyway. 


Season 7 is set to launch as of November 5, so make sure to grab your grapple hooks as Apex Legends is about to take us on a wild ride.



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Image via Respawn Entertainment 

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