Apex Legends Mobile Will Insult You For Being Bad At The Game

Apex Legends Mobile Will Insult You For Being Bad At The Game
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Jack Marsh


1st Apr 2022 14:20

Oh to be such a fool as to think that the Apex Legends ranked system would be kind to you for once. The notoriously harsh system is designed to punish your every mistake, and just to add a little bit of salt into your wounds, the soon-to-be-released Apex Legends Mobile has found a way to add subtle insults atop of your misery.

The climb to become an Apex Predator is one that can take more time than can be afforded for the casual Apex Legends player, with an impressive run of more than 500 straight wins needed to achieve the pinnacle rank. 

So, as you can imagine, getting eliminated as the first team and losing the all-important Rank Points can leave a sour taste in players' mouths. Well, now those losses are going to taste even worse if you're grinding on Apex Legends Mobile, as it turns out the game will subtly insult you for falling in rank.

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Apex Legends Mobile Sends Insults After Poor Rank Performance

Unlike in the normal Apex Legends, the mobile game will see you slip between ranks if your performance isn't up to scratch. In the main game, you have a safety net at the bottom division of your skill group (Bronze, Silver, Gold...) which means you cannot be de-ranked into a lower group - although you can be relegated through the sub-divisions (Gold 1 back down to Gold 2).

However, Apex Legends Mobile will not follow its older sibling's methods, and if you're not up to par, you'll be shipped back to where you came from. Savage.


And if you do drop through the ranks, you'll be met with a very sarcastic comment from the developers. Reddit user u/Prateek_khr found that when dropping from Masters back down to Diamond, the game mocked him with a quip of "Such a pity!"

It's not the only time the game has mocked players for being rubbish either. All the legends within the game are able to leave voice lines when dying, although at least these insults are self-chosen. 

Fans seemed to take the quips on the chin though, with one saying, "I want a game that insults me for everything I do," and another adding, "If you derank to bronze does it spit you in the face? Would pay extra."

Whether you have the bouncebackability of Revenant, whose de-ranking message is "Ranked down. I'll have to murder twice as many," or you're a bit of a sore loser like Caustic: "My rank has slipped. I blame my insipid squadmates," the cheekiness of the Apex Legends developers is certainly enough for you to enter a momentary fit of anger. Just be careful with the smartphone, it's expensive...

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