Is a quicker Apex Legends LTM Rotation on the way?

11:36, 03 Sep 2020

Respawn Entertainment has great news for Apex Legends players as one developer has teased a new two-week rotation system for Limited Time Modes. LTMs are a huge pull to battle royale games, and keen to get in on the action, Apex is no stranger to delivering them. Across the first six seasons, players have made the most of Gold Rush, Shadowfall, and Déjà Loot (to name a few).

Speaking of beloved LTMs in the first-person shooter, who could forget Season 3's "Grand Soirée" where a two-day rotation gave us seven events in one? It was pure perfection. While Respawn isn't quite returning to glory days of "Grand Soirée" (it would be virtually impossible), you can expect to see a much quicker Apex Legends LTM rotation to sink your teeth into.


If you love Apex, check out this video and if you are a dev watch it too. Hope you like it. from r/apexlegends

Typically, Respawn only doles out LTMs at the start of a new season or at the mid-point, meaning we're not exactly spoiled for choice here. Now, Apex Legends Game Director Chad "hkysk8r187" Grenier has teased a more active roster of LTMs. Redditor u/aletz_dav said: "I love everything you and your team do and I hope I can play my favourite game for longer. There would be a possibility that we could have LTM every 2 weeks, they could be the same modes that you already showed". This caught the attention of Grenier, who replied, "Yes, it's a possibility!"

Although this is far from confirmation we'll get to tuck into a new Apex Legends LTM rotation every two weeks, it's clear the team is open to the idea. LTMs require a lot of work, so every two weeks might be a little ambitious. Still, if Fortnite can deliver new challenges every week, surely Respawn can try and raise the bar in Apex?

Apex Legends LTM rotation

Despite Season 6 bringing a tonne of new features and even a new Legend in the form of Rampart, there have been criticisms the title might've lost its spark. Also, a new Apex Legends LTM rotation is only likely to exasperate criticisms of the game's glitches.

There has been a growing number of problems in-game, including issues with Rampart's Amped Cover and a hack where she can break into loot vaults without needing a key. If Respawn was going to put so much effort into LTMs, it would undoubtedly cause players to complain devs are invested in fixing basic problems.

Still, at least fans old and new know the idea of more LTMs is a definitely possibility from those at the top.

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