How can you find the Horizon Easter egg hidden in the Apex Legends Firing Range?

11:09, 15 Oct 2020

There's someone new on the "horizon" of Apex Legends as the latest arrival to Respawn Entertainment's beloved title is edging closer. All bets are off as Season 7 plans to overhaul World's Edge and Kings Canyon.

As with every season, there's an injection of some new blood, and by the looks of it, Horizon could be hurtling down from Olympus as the next Legend.

Now, a Horizon-centric Easter egg has popped up in the game's Firing Range (of all places). While the trailer for the upcoming Champion’s Edition bundle gave our first proper glimpse at Season 7, the marketing might of Respawn hasn't ended there.

Following the Champion's Edition trailer, players were encouraged to head to the Firing Range when they next booted up the game. 


Where is the Firing Range Easter Egg?

News of Horizon coming to Apex Legends is nothing new, while those up on their leaks will already be well-versed on her. It's music to our ears as we've got our first snippet of what she'll sound like. A previous leak showed off what Horizon could look like in a short video, however, it came without audio.

Now, a disembodied voice calls for players to try out the Firing Range. To find it, you'll have to interact with the television that's on the right-hand side of the arena - near the locked supply bin and zipline. The soothing tones of a Scottish accent say, "Phew, Ok, I'm gatherin' data on the Apex Games, and I'd love to gather some data on,". The message concludes, "If you complete my diagnostic challenges, quite the reward is all yours”. There's a challenge that the voice has dubbed "A Wee Experiment".

How to complete "A Wee Experiment"

Once you've listened to the message, three challenges will be unlocked in the lobby. They're all fairly simple, including achieving 10 knockdowns, dealing 10 damage in mid-air, and outliving 120 opponents.

Completing each of these will unlock a gravity lift somewhere on the map and also lead toward your Battle Pass with 5,000 CP. Players have been wondering what these bizarre boxes are since they arrived at the start of Season 6. All in all, it leads to popular theories that we'll be reaching for the skies in Season 7.

Since the introduction of Loba and watching a Hammond Rocket blast off in the Season 6 teasers, players have been guessing there's something up above. The fact that Horizon has been gathering data on Apex suggests she will be part of the Recon class, while her obsession with technology suggests she'll be similar to Crypto.

Now that the video has officially introduced this new arrival as Horizon, it looks like the leaks were right on the money. It's a strange turn of events considering everyone was convinced the next Legend would be called Valkyrie. It could be that Horizon is the official name of the character previously known as Valk. Of course, Respawn could have a surprise up its sleeve with Horizon and Valkyrie coming together.

Either way, we're guessing Horizon is just over the horizon. Apex Legends Season 7 is expected to land on November 10, so we'll have to wait a little longer before Horizon drops into action.


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Images via Respawn Entertainment

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