The Grand Soiree Event runs from the 14th to the 28th of January and includes new modes and skins, including third person mode for the first time

16:00, 11 Jan 2020

Apex Legends initiated the tradition of introducing new in-game events to alter the pace of gameplay, as well as to test new Limited Time Modes to gather feedback from the users. On the 9th of January, Apex Legends announced a new event. This will be the sixth in-game event since the launch of this game in February of 2019.

The event is called the Grand Soiree Arcade Event; it will be running for a duration of two weeks, starting from 14th January up until 28th January. This event is dissimilar to its predecessors as it will feature 7 Limited-Time Modes which will rotate after every two days.

The Seven Limited Time Modes

These limited time modes will be launched in the following order:

  • Gold Rush Duos: It will be Duos game mode with only Legendary or fully kitted Weapons. (14th to 15th January)
  • Live. Die. Live: Automatically respawn on living squad mates as ring closes. (16th to 17th January)
  • Third-Person Mode: Play the game from a third-person perspective. (18th to 19th January)
  • Always Be Closing: The ring will always be closing, so you must be constantly mobile to avoid ring damage. (20th to 21st January)
  • Armed and Dangerous: Shotguns and Snipers only, with limited armor. (22nd to 23rd January)
  • Kings Canyon After Dark: Playing at the King's Canyon Map at night. (24th to 25th January)
  • DUMMIE's Big Day: Your team against AI-generated players. (26th to 28th January)

Amongst these 7 Limited-Time Modes, only one has been previously introduced, which is Armed and Dangerous; however, the game mode was initially played in the King's Canyon, but this update will bring the game mode to the World's Edge.

Grand Soiree Event Timeline
Image via Respawn Entertainment / EA

Integrated into these Limited Time Modes will be a Prize Track System, which will require you to complete a set of three challenges, and awards you points upon completion. Attaining a certain amount of points will reward you with in-game cosmetics. Each limited-time mode will have three new challenges worth a total of 1000 points. All of these cosmetics will be limited to the event and can be earned only through completing challenges. A total of 14 prizes can be earned, which include:

  • A Peacekeeper skin (500 Points)
  • Mirage Skin (750 Points)
  • R-301 Skin (2,000 Points)
  • Havoc Skin (5,500 Points)
The Apex Legends Mirage Skin
The Mirage Skin, via Respawn Entertainment / EA

Like previous Themed Events, the Grand Soirée will have a purchase shop that will include a mix of items, including legendary skins and other Art Deco-inspired cosmetics. Furthermore, six new Legendary skins will be added to the core loot pool at the start of the event, which can be crafted or obtained from Apex Packs at any time or available for direct purchase during the event.

Apex Legends Pathfinder Skin
Pathfinder Skin available through purchase, via Respawn Entertainment / EA

During the event, a Bonus Scoring Weekend will be available, where you’ll be able to grab an additional set of event-specific challenges worth a total of 500 points. The bonus challenges will be available starting January 17 at 10:00 a.m. PT and runs until January 20 at 10:00 a.m. PT.

Main image via Respawn Entertainment / EA

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