From the right Legends, to the best weapons to pick up. We've got you covered!

20:00, 09 Jan 2020

Apex Legends is approaching its one year anniversary but there’s still a ton of mystery with this battle royale title. With such an intricate Legend system and tons of weapon combinations, there’s a lot to master. However, if you can figure out the best way to combine all of these factors, you can have loads of success in Apex Legends. Though, as aforementioned, there’s a fairly steep learning curve when mastering each aspect of the game. So, we’re here to help you figure out a set strategy in order to have the best chance of success in online matches.

Picking the right Legend for you

Each Legend in Apex Legends has their own charm and allure to them. However, some are undoubtedly better choices than others for a majority of situations.

Although, picking a main Legend depends largely on your play style. You can, of course, experiment with other characters but sticking with one Legend most of the time helps you master their skills.


So, which Legend should you pick? As aforementioned, you have to factor in how you want to play Apex Legends. If you’re more of a run and gun player, choosing Wraith or Bangalore is probably your best bet. However, if you like to traverse the map with blazing speed, Pathfinder or Octane suit you best.

Though, if you’re someone who likes to mimick what professional players do, then picking Wraith or Pathfinder are the best options. Throughout the Global Loot League, almost every squad features both a Pathfinder and Wraith. These two Legends are also the most popular characters you’ll see throughout public matches.

In the end, it’s up to you which Legend you want to play with. Although, make sure you’re playing to your Legend’s style.

Which weapons are the best to pick up?

After you’ve chosen a Legend, the next biggest question most players ask is which weapon do I pick up? The answer isn’t very complicated, as there are definitely weapons that outclass others.

To start, you’ll want to search for something to use for close-range and long-range engagements. If you have two Snipers, for example, you’ll be demolished in close quarters combat.

So, which weapons are the best for both of these types of engagements? For close-range, look for an R-99 Submachine Gun or EVA-8 Auto Shotgun. If you can’t find an R-99, an Alternator is a good substitute until you find one. The R-99 shoots extremely quick and is also fairly viable at medium to long-range. With the EVA-8, we’re going with this shotgun over the Peacekeeper because of the recent nerfs.


In terms of long-range weapons, a Wingman is never a bad option. In fact, we published a guide on how to make the Wingman overpowered in Apex Legends, so check that out as well. However, if you’re not proficient with the Wingman, the R-301 Assault Rifle is a tremendous option as well. Also, the Charge Rifle is extremely overpowered as of right now so make use of it while it’s still in its current state.

How to navigate the Worlds Edge map

Once you have the weapons you want, the next step is to win the game. Although, it takes more than luck to win a match of Apex Legends. You need to understand the map and make good decisions.

While we can’t make those decisions for you, we can give you some tips to put you in a position to win the game. The first of these tips is to stick with your teammates, no matter how annoying they are. If you venture too far from the other two members of your team, you’re setting yourself up to be ambushed by a team of three players.

Next, stick to the outer edges of the zone, unless you’re going for a high-kill game. The middle areas of the zone tend to be the spots with the most traffic, which means more of a chance for elimination. If you’re near the edge of the zone, it’s less likely you’ll be attacked by a high number of enemies.

Beyond that, the match is up to you! If you’re failing to win games, don’t get too frustrated. Learn from the losses and keep practicing and you’ll start winning matches in no time.

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