Caustic also made an appearance on some pro teams.

18:00, 05 May 2020

The Apex Global Series Online Tournament #5 has come to a close and GGRecon has, once again, brought you the Apex Legends news about the tournament, including a roundup to highlight the main events that took place. 

Over the weekend, $100,000 was up for grabs as Apex teams from 9 different regions worldwide battled for the top slots. Hundreds of teams participated between the 2nd and 3rd of May. This Global Series tournament featured plenty of action to stay on top of. This tournament was broadcast via Apex Legends’ official channels on Youtube and Twitch. Apex Legends’ official Twitter handle posted a video briefing on the key events that went down:

Here are the winners of the tournaments of their respective regions:

  • North America: Skrt
  • Europe: чмк
  • South America: SFC
  • Oceania: EXO
  • Japan: SZW
  • Middle East & Africa: NASR
  • Southeast Asia: MiTH T1
  • Korea: OP.GG


While чмк won the tournament and earned a major share of the $23,000 prize, 4 other teams who showcased extraordinary talent distributed the remaining amongst themselves according to the following denominations:

Apex Legends Global Series
via Liquipedia

A brief insight into the finals statistics before we discuss what went down:

Highest Kills: Clique Esports – 38 Kills

Round Winners:

  1. Чмк
  2. Gambit Esports
  3. Чмк
  5. Alliance

чмк finished the journey with 67 points in order to ensure the victory of the game. Winning the first and third rounds of games with a high kill count. Although they didn’t have the most kills, their placement points carried them towards the first place.

Here are the main takeaways:

  1. Till game 3 of the EU tournament, these were the names on the leaderboard: Чмк 2. Gambit Esports 3. Ad hoc gaming. But the tables turned when Alliance shined in the 5th game and taking the victory with a whopping 19 kills and taking a huge leap from the 8th place to the 3rd place and only 4th points short of the 2nd place.
  2. Team Myth that had won the previous tournament failed to make it to the finals in this tournament.
  3. Team Чмк, placed 1st in this tournament and 3rd in the last tournament under their alternate name: exCrowCrowd; therefore, showing consistency in their gameplay.
  4. Gambit managed to secure high placement points in the first 4 rounds of the tourney which proved to be essential in securing the second position.
  5. With this tournament, Alliance managed to regain its spot in the EU leaderboard after placing 32nd in the last tournament.

North America

The North American version of the tournament produced surprising outputs and featured new teams making the leaderboard. Here are the top 5:

Apex Legends Global Series
via Liquipedia

Some statistics to keep in mind:

Highest Kills: Skrt

Round Winners:

  1. Complexity Gaming
  2. Skrt
  3. Skrt
  5. Fishers

Through strong placements and consistent kills, Skrt pulled off an outstanding 70 points leading the table in both the fields. By acquiring the most kills, and winning two games Skrt’s victory was inevitable. They dominated the day with a lineup consisting of the CLG ImMadness, PowPowFPS, and Vaxlon. PowPow and Madness, who finished with 18 and 15 kills on the leaderboard for North America; Vaxlon assisting the team by leveraging Wattson's resources strategically.

Key Takeaways:

  1. The main upset came in the form of Team SoloMid being unable to make it to the finals. In the roundup of the previous tournament, we talked about the consistency in TSM’s gameplay with them placing in the top 3 in the last 3 tournaments. But this tournament, things weren’t quite the same as the team barely missed the qualification spot in the semi-finals. This came as a shock to the entire community rooting for TSM.
  2. Till the round 4 Complexity Gaming was on the 3rd position, but due to dying early in the 5th game, they were demoted to the 4th position.
  3. GODSENT recovered instability in their gameplay and from the 36th position in the last tournament managed to secure the 2nd in this tournament largely due to their placement in all of the games.


This was the last ALGS online tournament before the launch of Season 5. Following the release of Season 5 and the introduction of new changes it brings alongside, we can see changes to the meta in the upcoming tournaments. Loba will be the 13th Legend in the game, and although her abilities seem to extremely useful it is yet unclear as to whether she will be included in Competitive Apex, especially with other characters playing out to be useful in the current competitive scenario.

This tournament was the host to the same gun meta as its predecessors (Peacekeeper, R-99) except for a few changes. The most eminent of them being the inclusion of Havoc as the primary weapon in many loadouts, and the occasional appearance of Caustic. In the past tournament, we had the opportunity to witness players using the Havoc rifle occasionally, but with this tournament, its usage frequency had increased to a great extent.

The presence of Wattson in every team was almost guaranteed, as well as that of Wraith (although in a match or two she was exchanged for Gibraltar). The third pick alternated between Pathfinder and Gibraltar. Once again it is important to note that within a week’s time, we might see some unexpected changes made to the meta with the release of Season 5, and new Legend Loba's arrival


Images via Respawn Entertainment 

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