A new Legend, a new gun, and even more fun.

16:22, 25 Apr 2020

Apex Legends Season 5 will begin on the 12th of May 2020 (originally May 5th), bringing with it a new Legend, weapon, and plenty more exciting elements to shake up the battlefield. Thanks to leakers like ILootGames, we have even more juicy details on what's to come in the world of Apex.

Due to the announcement of the Battle Armour Event, which will take place from April 24th until May 12th, the Season 5 launch has been delayed until the end of said event.

New Apex Legend 'Loba'

Loba (or 'Rosie', as she was previously named) is almost certainly the next Legend joining the ranks in Season 5. Latest Apex Legends news practically confirms it, and everything you need to know about Loba can be found here. In the Season 4 trailer, where we are introduced to Revenant, after the slaughter of high-level thief Marco Andrade, the focus shifts to his young daughter, who is believed to be Loba herself. Following in her family's footsteps, the 'Translocating Theif''s abilities link to stealing and heisting. It is very likely that Loba will be the Legend we see introduced to Apex, as no other datamined info has come to light regarding any other possible Legends. 

Loba will be a fantastic addition to any squad looking to maximise on high tier loot. As for adding flavour to the storytelling, we can't wait to see the tension between Revenant and Loba come to the surface when they team up. He did kill her father after all...

Loba Apex Legends
via @Shrugtal on Twitter

Class Specific Abilities

ILootGames revealed the class-specific abilities some time ago, but these will almost definitely be a part of Season 5. These abilities for different classes (Offensive, Defensive, Recon & Support) link back to the recent update for the System Override Event, where the inventory system and backpack spaces were changed. These changes included reducing the stacks of ordinance and healing supplies. This must be leading up to Loba's arrival, as she will join the Support class, along with Lifeline, and have access to new loot-specific blue bins, and the ability to carry further healing items for their team. 

New Weapon - Volt SMG

Several possible new guns have been rumoured to be coming to Apex, thanks to recorded Legend voice line call-outs, leaked by u/KralRindo on Reddit. 

These include;

  • Volt SMG
  • CAR
  • EPG
  • Grenade Launcher

Check out the voice lines courtesy of this video by Kijanna Plays (10:00)

It's possible that Respawn recorded the voice lines for testing new guns, and they may not end up in the actual game.

The Volt SMG is the most likely of the lot, given it has been in the game files since Season 3, and was rumoured to be the Season 4 addition (until the Sentinel was revealed instead). This energy ammo-using, fast-firing and accurate SMG will be familiar to Titanfall players and was a fan-favourite which many players would love to see come to Apex. 

Check out the images of the Volt SMG below.

Apex Legends Season 5
Apex Legends Season 5
Apex Legends Mirage Buff

Mirage Buff

The Holographic Trickster has long been a character who many players believe needs a hefty buff to make him viable. Soon, those prayers may be answered, if a recent video by ILootGames is to be believed. The dataminer revealed some clues as to a potential Mirage rework in Season 5.

  • The inspiration for the overhaul will come from the Dummies Big Day LTM
  • Rumoured new ability 'Emergency Dance Party' that will be a tactical ability or Ultimate replacement.

Check out ILG's full video below.

Season 5's Name

In a tweet from @Biast12, (found by @TheSuum) we can see that Season 5 is reportedly titled "Fortune's Favor" surely foreshadowing Loba's arrival and her looting skills.

Map Changes

Now that Kings Canyon and Worlds Edge are both permanently playable, what more can be done to keep gameplay fresh? 

Small teasers in the way of hidden mobile devices popping up around the map have been giving fans some clues as to what could be next for the world of Apex Legends, and are being shared by dataminers ILootGames & Biast12 on Twitter. 

Located in both the Sorting Factory and The Dome locations, the device can be picked up and activated, and in doing so displays a mysterious message. 

This appears to foreshadow parts of the island being reshaped for the start of Season 5.

Apex Legends Season 5
via Biast12

Leaked Emotes

Apex players are already familiar with some emotes; those of skydiving, weapon inspection and finishers, but, new emotes to use in-game (akin to Fortnite dances) may be coming to the playing field. Leaks from ILootGames showing “test emotes” in videos featuring Bloodhound, Pathfinder, and Revenant, suggest that may be about to change.

These emotes could be used to convey emotions from victory, to defeat, to threatening or trolling other players. Or simply, for fun!


Cross-play may be coming in Season 5. This would enable PC and console players to play together, either in the same squad or the same lobbies. There are controversies here, regarding aim assist for console players being seen as an exploit in this scenario, and PC players being seen as overpowered. A lot of the community do want to see this change come to Apex, so they can play with their friends on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

In an interview with Apex Legends developer, they hinted that this could become a reality very soon. In a recent interview for a Game Informer magazine.

“I think on crossplay we see it’s something that is kind of expected in the industry and is important to a game like ours. We are obviously big fans of playing our game, at work and in our free time, and we go home on a Friday or weekend and want to play with each other and we’re on different systems. On a personal level, yes, we’d love to do that and party up on the weekends. I think it’s an important thing to get to.”


So there you have it, all the possible new additions to the world of Apex Legends that we will hopefully see come to fruition on May 12th.

Images via Respawn Entertainment & ILootGames

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