The writers of Apex Legends have confirmed Fuse is pansexual as they flesh out the backstory of the game's latest addition.

15:18, 01 Feb 2021

Respawn Entertainment is continuing the fly the rainbow flag high, as the writers of Apex Legends have confirmed Fuse is pansexual. More than just a game where players pick a generic skin and jump out of a flying vehicle to blast their way to the top, Apex has leaned into its credentials of being a hero shooter and created an expanded world of fleshed-out characters.

Following in the footsteps of Scottish scientist Horizon making her mark on the map in Season 7, Apex Legends  Season 8, aka Mayhem, is blasting its way onto the scene with this enigmatic explosive expert. For those who want a little more about what makes Fuse "tick", the writers have the scoop. 

Questions about Fuse's sexuality arose from the character's introductory bio, which read, "Ladies’ man, man’s man, and all-round manly man, Fuse is a one-man wrecking crew… and he knows it". The implication is that Fuse could be bisexual, but keen to clear up any confusion and make sure everyone is being rightly represented, the writers have confirmed he's pansexual. 


How do we know Fuse is pansexual in Apex Legends?

When players asked for clarification on Fuse's sexuality, Respawn writer Scott Gill took to Twitter and simply wrote, "Absolutely! Fuse is pansexual :)". Given that the world of video games is often criticised for its under-representation of non-heterosexuality, it's a huge step for something as big as Apex Legends to include a pansexual character. Pansexuality is being attracted to all genders, with many pansexuals saying they're often attracted to someone based on their personality. 


Twitter user @littleredsm championed the move and wrote, "Here's the thing. Most characters are straight or straight passing, there hasn't been much representation for people who are gay, bi, lesbian, non-binary, pan, etc. So when we see that representation being confirmed in a huge piece of media like this. It not only lets us feel more secure and confident about who we are, but we have someone to look at and be like 'Hey, that's cool that I can relate to them'".

Of course, Fuse isn't alone in LGBTQ+ representation in Apex Legends, making the game one of the most diverse out there. Fuse is now added to a growing list of LGBTQ+ Apex Legends characters as he joins Gibraltar (gay), Bloodhound (non-binary), and Loba (bisexual). There's also Mirage, who was hinted at being either bisexual or pansexual in Season 6. The characters are usually too busy shooting each other to pieces to get involved in sexuality, but as Apex heads into its third year, there's plenty of already expanded canon to add to.


What's the issue with sexuality in video games?

Although the tide seems to be changing in the world of video games, there's a fine line between valid representation and virtue signalling. There have been accusations that some games are trying to cash in on the pink pound, while others are slammed for LGBTQ+ representation. Many loved that Overwatch made the uber-macho Soldier 76 gay in canon, however, others claim it was a PR ploy to bury a controversial patch. Elsewhere, Naughty Dog was praised for its groundbreaking LGBTQ+ work on The Last of Us Part II. Still, this didn't stop the storyline of the transgender character called Lev polarising critics and being described as "transgender torture p*rn" by others. 


It's clear video games are slowly moving with the times, however, the biggest obstacle is still the toxic gaming community itself. Even in a game as inclusive as Apex has already become, the replies to Gill's tweet range from the supportive, to the mocking, to the abusive. All the writers can continue doing is stick to their guns and give their characters whichever sexuality they see fit.



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