Apex Legends fans divided over whether Revenant Ultimate is too 'OP'

Apex Legends fans divided over whether Revenant Ultimate is too 'OP'
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Alex Garton


12th Oct 2023 17:10

Revenant's reborn rework has sparked a huge resurgence in popularity for a character that was, at one time, always at the bottom of the Apex Legends pick rate charts.

The Synthetic Nightmare's aggressive and deadly kit is all about putting pressure on foes, giving them no space to breathe in gunfights.

While Revenant did lose his iconic Death Totem in the overhaul, it was replaced by a shield that's built for 1v1 skirmishing.

Well, it's this Ultimate ability that's causing a divide in the community, with some fans demanding a nerf next patch. Others claim it's only strong against low-skill opponents.

Apex Legends fans demand nerf for "OP" Revenant Ultimate



Revenant's Ultimate is a hot topic in the Apex Legends subreddit, with user artmorte voicing their concerns that the ability feels too "OP."

In their opinion, it's unfair to "get that much extra HP for free," and "half the Legends would become instantly better if they just had Rev's ult instead of their own," proving it's far too strong. Well, artmorte certainly isn't the only one who holds this view.

"Killing a red Evo Rev in his ult is probably the hardest thing in the game," said one user, with another arguing "the fact that it recharges on its own AND on knocks is wild."

A solution put forward by this camp is for his shield to be set to "50 not 75," reducing it slightly to make him easier to take down.

Other Apex players argue it's balanced due to 'ludicrous' hitbox

Octane Revenant
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Of course, not everyone in the Apex Legends community believes Revenant's Ultimate needs to be hit with Respawn's nerf hammer. From their perspective, Rev is a pub stomper who is only effective in lower-tier lobbies, and if you make the most of his "ludicrous" hitbox size during his Ultimate, it's easy to take him down.

"It's an ultimate that is made for 1v1, it also increases his hitbox a ludicrous amount," said one user, with another claiming "Rev at lower skill levels is strong and then the more you go up the weaker he becomes."

With Season 19 around the corner, it'll be interesting to see whether the devs make any changes to Rev's Ultimate. At the moment, it's clear he's an absolute terror in lower-tier lobbies, but less of a problem in the upper echelons on the ladder.

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