Apex Legends expert reveals most broken Season 17 rat spots

Apex Legends expert reveals most broken Season 17 rat spots
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Alex Garton


25th May 2023 17:30

Apex Legends Season 17 introduced some major changes to Ranked, and so far, they have not been very well received by the community.

The alterations to the mode appear to reward players for AFKing and hiding from their opponents, meaning you don't have to rack up any kills to gain RP. Pro player Sweetdreams even managed to reach Predator without dealing a single shot of damage.

As a result, rat spots are becoming a meta way to trick your opponents and stay out of sight during your matches.  Well, Apex Legends YouTuber RossBobSquirrel has revealed the best rat spots on Olympus in Season 17.

Best Olympus rat spots in Apex Legends Season 17

Out of all the rat spots Ross demonstrates in his video, the cliff spot next to Hammond Labs is one of the best. This vantage point can be accessed by any Legend, so it doesn't require a movement character like Pathfinder or Valkyrie.

It also provides a great sniping spot looking down on Hammond Labs and the surrounding areas, so it's great for any sharpshooters out there.

Another top-tier location is the spot on top of the Fight Night arena that can be accessed using the nearby balloon tower. Again, this a brilliant area for anyone who enjoys long-range combat or just wants to stay out of sight of enemy teams.

Finally, any trees are solid hiding spots that often get overlooked by a lot of enemy squads. These are perfect for pulling off surprise attacks on opponents as well.

Is using rat spots the rules in Apex Legends?

Apex Legends Wattson Gibraltar
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While the spots we have highlighted in the article above are all within the rules to use in Apex Legends, some of the areas in Ross's video do cross the line slightly.

Going underneath the map or glitching into terrain does run the risk of getting you banned, as you are technically not in the confines of the match. As a result, any rat spot should be used with caution, especially if it crosses the line into bug abuse.

Of course, simply hiding from your opponents is not against the rules and will likely continue until Respawn tweaks the Ranked system once again.

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