Angry Parent Goes Viral After Son Spends Hundreds On V-Bucks

Angry Parent Goes Viral After Son Spends Hundreds On V-Bucks

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Tom Chapman


18th Mar 2021 10:52

Back in the day, it was a case of hijacking the family phone and secretly ordering credits for Habbo Hotel. Jump forward to 2021 and we aren't using our parents' credit cards to buy "furni". Instead, kids are kitting out their wardrobes in Fortnite. While Fortnite's single-player Save the World requires gamers to pay to play, some might question how the free Battle Royale mode makes any money. Proving its critics wrong, Epic Games is making a not-so-small fortune off its battle royale favourite and selling V-Bucks by the bucket load.

With 1000 V-Bucks costing $9.99/£6.49, this virtual currency isn't exactly cheap. However, when you look at your in-game bank balance and realise you're just short of buying the Alien bundle, zooming around as the Flash, or giving Cuddle Team Leader a revamp, those V-Bucks bundles look increasingly tempting.

Even though you get tossed the odd V-Buck as you level up through each season's Battle Pass (that you have to pay for), it's usually not enough. If you want to look your very best on the battlefield, Epic has you trapped with its lucrative selling system. Now, one parent has gone viral after they realised their son had been a little spend-happy with their credit card.


Why is this angry parent going viral over V-Bucks?

In a particularly X-rated rant, TikTok user KsmaShipper shows off one mother who is pretty p*ssed at their kid. The video is captioned "Kid uses moms card for vbucks" and reveals how one player has racked up an impressive 49,300 V-Bucks - presumably with the help of their mum's finances. In the first part, she can be heard shouting, "Why the f**k you got 49 f*****g thousand V-Bucks? I'm gonna f**k you up, get the f**k out". She then more calmly adds, "Go to sleep" before the video cuts out. The original has gone viral with 1.2 million likes and nearly 85K shares. However, the story doesn't end there.

In Part 2, the mother is back and asking "You spent $80 mad times, because how you got 49,000 V-Bucks?” She then tells someone off-screen to take her card of the account. Doing the maths, the 49,300 V-Bucks would cost about $300/£215, which isn't as much as we thought to boast such a massive bank balance. Still, imagine the shock of checking your account to see Epic Games has made so much off your kid using your card. 

With the videos going viral, others put themselves in her shoes and tried to explain what they would do. One commenter said, "Just spend all the V-Bucks he bought for things he wouldn't want and never buy him in-game money again". Another added, "If I were her, that game system stays in her room forever. He can play when he cleans around the house." Someone else said, "Our son just spend almost $600 between Warzone and Fortnite." See, there's always someone worse off than you are!

There were all the usual questions about why you can't just ask for a refund from the likes of Sony or Microsoft, but as we know, it's not that easy. Companies usually fall down on the side of Epic and don't accept "my kid did it" as an excuse. Xbox has a feature where you can stop kids from spending money on your card, but for this angry mum, it's too little, too late. Oh well, we're guessing this is a lesson learned and one kid that will be grounded for the foreseeable future. At least they'll be one of the best-dressed fighters on the Fortnite map. 


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