Among Us Sold Over 3 Million Copies On Switch In A Month

Among Us Sold Over 3 Million Copies On Switch In A Month

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Tom Chapman


31st Jan 2021 19:30

We're once again blasting off into the icy unknowns of space for a look at InnerSloth's Among Us. After the adorable outer space murder mystery was first released in 2018, we doubt anyone could've predicted it's trip to the top in 2020.

As the global pandemic gripped us all, huge names like Felix "xQc" Lengyel and Imane "Pokimane" Anys helped the tiny title soar to the top of Twitch. Spreading its tendrils further into pop culture, Among Us memes were everywhere, and even Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hopped in for a match as one of the most-watched Twitch streams of all time. 

Alongside all of this, the miniature team at InnerSloth promised there was more to come thanks to the new Airship map (the first addition since 2019) and the game's long-awaited release on Switch. With Among Us being free-to-play on PC and mobile, some asked why anyone would part with their cash to play on Nintendo's console. The haters are now eating their words because it's safe to say, Among Us was a huge hit on Switch. 


Among Us Nintendo Switch sales

According to SuperData Research's delve into December's digital games market, the Nintendo Switch version of Among Us shifted a whopping 3.2 million units for the close of 2020. Although the site claims player numbers are down from November, Among Us is still 2.8 times more popular than it's closest multiplayer competition, Roblox. Either way, the Switch sales figures speak for themselves as proof Among Us is anything but a dead game.

What made Among Us so popular on Switch is its attractive price tag of £3.89/$5. Added to this, it's easily accessible and has had a lot of hype from other sources. The mechanic of brutally butchering one and other in a floating tin can might be a little gruesome compared to Nintendo's usual offerings, but either way, Among Us has plenty of broad appeal. Pairing the ease of the Switch with the popularity of a booming indie title is a match made in heaven. It's much the same story as when Super Meat Boy hit the Switch. 

Following the success of Among Us on Switch, it will undoubtedly spark a debate on whether it will ever follow in the footsteps of 2021's (hopeful) Xbox port and make the leap to PlayStation. Importantly, the Switch port shows how InnerSloth can make some serious money off the social deduction superstar.

But what's next for Among Us? After scooping the title of Best Multiplayer Game at 2020's Game Awards, it's clear there's still a lot of love for the game. Then again, we've seen other COVID-19 breakouts like Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and Phasmophobia slowly slip away from the headlines.

The InnerSloth team made the bold move to axe it plans for Among Us 2, and instead, promised to refocus its efforts on improving the first game. We've already seen this with the promise that the Airship is coming some time early this year. What the future holds beyond that is a mystery, however, barely a day goes by that a new feature isn't suggested. While we're expecting Among Us to continue climbing as one of the most popular multiplayer games of all time, we're left wondering whether the bubble will ever burst. 


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