Amazon’s New World Bans Jeff Bezos Slurs For Character Names

Amazon’s New World Bans Jeff Bezos Slurs For Character Names
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Joseph Kime


29th Sep 2021 10:27

New World has had an unprecedented launch. Even from back in its beta testing, it was clear to see that many were excited to get stuck in with the open-world MMO.

As the game has launched and immediately dominated Steam - if you can get into the servers - it’s never been easier to see that fans have clearly been waiting for a game like New World to fill the gaps when it comes to online fantasy games. But, they’ve got a caveat if you want to get involved - you’re not allowed to make fun of Amazon’s founder.

You Can’t Mock Jeff Bezos In New World

What’s the point, then? It might seem like an easy jibe to make, especially with New World’s ownership, but you’re not allowed to poke fun at Amazon’s über-wealthy figurehead. As discovered by PCGamer, you can’t use Jeff Bezos’ name, or anything similar, when creating your character.

It might seem strange for a game in 2021 to require a completely unique username, especially as the likes of Bezos, JeffB, Bez0s and Be Zos simply "cannot be used".

This is fair enough by itself, but it seems like New World’s priorities are a little out of line.

New World Already Has A Racism Problem

Thank God that New World has kept the white billionaire dudes safe, but racism is supposedly already rampant in the game’s servers. It’s a sadly natural symptom of such a far-reaching online game, but there have been many reports of racism in the game. In our short time playing New World, we also encountered a player named "womanbeater69", wandering around unpunished.

It’s frustrating that Amazon would take more measures to protect its own than protect the game from becoming something of a convening point for racists and misogynists - but hey, at least the white guys have nothing to worry about, right?


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