A 'No Build' Fortnite Mode Could Be On The Way

A 'No Build' Fortnite Mode Could Be On The Way
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3rd Jan 2022 12:37

It might be time to down tools, as reports of a 'no build' Fortnite mode could finally give Epic Games' beloved battle royale a solution to its most divisive issue. In the words of Bob the Builder, "Can we fix it? Yes, we can!" 

Forget those who camp and make it to the final storm circle, is there anything more frustrating than being crammed into a tiny circle as your final opponent builds to the sky and away from your grasp? Of course, others think is a perfectly normal way to round off a sweaty match of Fortnite

What's The Fortnite No Build Mode?

Way back when, there was the odd building fight in Fortnite, however, this skyrocketed with the addition of Turbo Building in the 3.0 Patch. Since then, pros and casual players alike have argued over whether the feature is an integral part of Fortnite or needs to go the way of Bushranger and be killed off.

Now, known Fortnite leaker HYPEX claims Epic is working on a limited-time No Build mode. While some of us would love to see it given a permanent boot, a No Build LTM is about as good as it gets for now. 

HYPEX is on board with the idea, saying that the addition of Spider-Man's Web Shooters and the Chapter 3 sliding mechanic could make a No Build mode a big win right now. With easier ways to get around, there isn't as much need for ramps and the likes these days. 

Have We Heard About The No Build Mode Before?

One supporter said, "I hope this is also like an official no building game mode. Like no harvesting tools or anything that can break structures except maybe cars and weather. It’s gonna feel like a whole different game. I might play it more than current battle royale."

Not everyone liked the idea though, with one critic writing, "I do not understand why people want a mode like this - why would you even play Fortnite and depend on its gunplay when Apex, WZ, PUBG, and various other BRs do it better? It's like playing Mario Kart without items - why not just play Forza?"

Remember, this isn't the first we've heard of a No Build mode, and lets remember 2018's winter Ground Game LTM that restricted you to just 30 wood, 20 stone, and 20 metal. Only last year, players suggested a quality of life improvement that would label enemy builds versus team builds, while it's clear not everyone likes building. 

It's true that building might be frustrating, but that doesn't mean it hasn't become an important part of accessing hard to reach areas or navigating the water-logged map of Chapter 2 Season 3. For those that want to build their own fortress of solitude, rest assured that building is sure to remain part of the main Fortnite meta.


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