A New Witcher Game Raised Half A Million In An Hour On Kickstarter

A New Witcher Game Raised Half A Million In An Hour On Kickstarter

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Joseph Kime


26th May 2021 09:14

After the controversial stumble of Cyberpunk 2077, it’s safe to call The Witcher the greatest adventure by producers CD Projekt Red. The RPG proved immensely popular even before its third game Wild Hunt, which took the world by storm and swept up fans across the last console generation. The Witcher became the western face of the RPG, and with a Netflix series to boot, it’s clear that Geralt’s fantasy romp is a popular one.

It’s clear that fans are excited to return to Redania, and a new Kickstarter campaign has raised enough money to prove it once again.


The Witcher’s New Board Game Kickstarter

A new board game based on the mythos of The Witcher has smashed its crowdfunding goals incredibly quickly, and proven how desperate fans are to get back to the game’s world. The Witcher: Old World is an action-adventure board game made by Go On Board and CD Projekt Red, that has been so popular that its funding goal of £215,587 was surpassed in only 19 minutes, and broke half a million in an hour. Fans have been swept up in the hype for the board game, as at the time of writing, the Kickstarter campaign has made £1,675,827 so far courtesy of 19,251 backers.

Witcher Game Raises Half A Million Dollars On Kickstarter
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How Have The Creators Responded To The Success?

Go On Board have responded to the incredible demand for the game, thanking fans for their pledges. “Your commitment is amazing, thank you so much for your support!” They start. “We can only say one thing: wow! We knew that the interest in The Witcher: Old World is big, but that was crazy! We honestly didn’t expect that!”

The game is a massive achievement for the game company and further proof that a return to The Witcher’s mythos is long overdue for fans. If you’re desperate to get back to Redania, chances are that Old World might be the best way to do it.


Images via Go On Board | CD Projekt Red

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