Warzone 2 bug let’s you play in squads of six on Al Mazrah

Warzone 2 bug let’s you play in squads of six on Al Mazrah
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Jack Marsh


7th Mar 2023 14:20

It appears Call of Duty: Warzone 2 doesn't want anyone to play their usual playlists in Season 2, as Solos were recently removed from the Ashika Island Resurgence playlists, and now, an extraordinary bug has turned the popular Quads playlist into Sextets.

There's been a wide criticism of Warzone 2 in the last few weeks, which stems from not having all of the available squad sizes available. Whether it be a lack of server popularity or a marketing push, the community feels restricted by the developers rotating the available party sizes. 

Now though, it appears multiplayer-sized lobbies are taking over Al Mazrah because a new bug is forming squads of six to spawn in Warzone 2.

Warzone 2 bug is spawning squads of six

Reddit user u/SubySeg first posted the increased squad sizes, with their lobby having five players on the same team.

Having been quizzed on whether this was DMZ or Warzone 2 - given that you can squad up in the extraction shooter with nearby enemies to make one larger team - the user confirmed that they were playing Warzone 2.

The poster assumed that this was a bug left over from the limited-time game mode "Unhinged," which allowed the DMZ-styled party process in Warzone 2 too. This hasn't been the only case, though.

More Warzone 2 players experience increased squad size glitch

Another Redditor pointed out that the content creator "TheTacticalBrit" also came across this glitch in their YouTube live stream, with the squad size being six players large. 

Timestamp: 3:41:00

In TheTacticalBrit's game, the player won the match easily with his six-man squad, and each six of the Operators even appeared on the post-game credit screen. 

Somewhere along the lines of the rampant playlist changing, it appears the Warzone 2 developers have crossed some wires between Al Mazrah Quads and the Unhinged LTM. It's left behind an extremely unbalanced experience.

Next time you head out to Al Mazrah, you might want to check your six, and their six, and his six, and her six, and everyone's six as six. Who knows when six more squadmates will come in for a third-party...

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