Who Are Ya player answer & some hints for April 20th

Who Are Ya player answer & some hints for April 20th
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Harry Boulton

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20th Apr 2024 04:33


If you're a football fan like me, then Who Are Ya is the perfect game, offering a new player to guess every day - but the answer isn't always obvious considering the sheer number of potential players.

Like many word games out there, this football-themed brain teaser is another Wordle-like, giving you different parameters to help you know how close you are to the correct answer. It's often still tricky to guess right in-game every single day though, and that's where a hint - or even the answer itself - comes in handy.

Hints for today's Who Are Ya game

It can be easy to get lost in circles when guessing, and with only eight guesses in total, you'll want as much help as you can get before your streak ends.

Here are some hints to help point you in the right direction, using a few of the categories to hopefully spark that lightbulb:

  • Nation: French
  • League: Premier League
  • Position: Attacker

Sometimes these hints make the answer a little too obvious, but you still might need to think a little more if today's answer was a French Attacker from the Bundesliga!

SPOILER WARNING: This is your last chance to turn away before today's Who Are Ya answer is revealed. Only continue to scroll if you're completely out of luck!

Here's today's Who Are Ya answer

Sometimes that one player's name is right on the tip of your tongue, and even with the right categories you still can't figure it out. We've all been there, it's all good, and there's nothing worse than losing a lengthy streak to a moment of forgetfulness.

Today's answer for April 20th, 2024, is Christopher Nkunku.

Don't forget to come back if you're stuck tomorrow, too, as I'll have the new answer every single day waiting for you alongside a bunch of hints to help give you a nudge.

When does the game refresh?

Who Are Ya refreshes at midnight in your local time zone, so you can hop on as soon as the new day starts or play it when you wake up as part of your daily word game routine.

You can also play any old editions of the game, letting you test your knowledge without having to wait for the refresh - which is great if you're new to the game. I've found myself popping back in to do a couple of old ones quite regularly, as it's always so satisfying when you get it right!

All you need to do to play old versions is press the calendar button next to the player image, which will take you back through each previous version day by day.

How to play Who Are Ya

Image of guesses and the answer in Who Are Ya
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If you've played any of themed Wordle-like games before, then Who Are Ya should feel quite similar, as all you have to do is guess a new football player from Europe's top five leagues based on six separate categories.

  • If today's player was Mohamed Salah, for example, and you entered Alexis Mac Allister as your first guess, then the League and Team categories would go green, indicating that both match the daily player
  • However, the Nation and Position categories will remain grey, indicating that they're incorrect, while the Age and Shirt categories will have an upward arrow indicating that the number is higher

You can play either with the player's face blurred or opt to have the picture removed entirely in 'Hard Mode'. Often I can find myself getting the player in my first guess based on the picture alone, so for an extra challenge I tend to hide the photo.

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