Who is the Sith in Star Wars: Jedi Survivor?

Who is the Sith in Star Wars: Jedi Survivor?
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30th Mar 2023 14:24

Star Wars Jedi Survivor has already introduced varied villains in the several trailers we've seen so far for the Fallen Order sequel. However, one of the biggest questions concerns the red lightsaber-wielding Dark Side-Force user in the game's teaser trailer. Let's get into this Star Wars guide answering "who is the Sith in Jedi Survivor?". 

Who is the Sith in Jedi Survivor?

The man in the bacta tank

sith jedi survivor man bacta tank
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At the time of writing, there is currently no definite answer to who the Sith in Jedi Survivor is. However, some fan theories are popping up towards the game's release. 

Whether a Sith or a new serving Inquisitor, the strongest would be that the Sith in Jedi Survivor is also the character who has been appearing in the bacta tank featured in the trailers. 

When fighting Cal with his red lightsaber in the teaser trailer, it can be noted the hooded Sith is only using his left arm before knocking the Jedi's lightsaber out of hand. The man in the bacta tank happens to be missing his right arm, so it's easy to assume these two are one in the same.  

As to who specifically this is, we've done some speculation as to who is in the bacta tank as well. Whilst some think this could be Taron Malicos, a Fallen Order villain who was to be thought dead, but the appearance just doesn't fit quite right. 

Ren or Starkiller

jedi survivor sith starkiller
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Then there's also Ren, the leader of the Knights of Ren who first appeared in 2015's Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

The biggest theory though, is that the Sith in Jedi Survivor is a canon version of Starkiller, the protagonist of the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed games which had entered the non-canon Legends continuity after the Star Wars IP was bought by Disney. 

Since Starkiller remains such a fan-favourite character, his being the Jedi Survivor Sith wouldn't be the most farfetched. What's more, Starkiller's actor - Sam Witwer - has remained active in the Star Wars franchise through various roles since The Force Unleashed 2 in 2010. 

Not only has he most notably become the voice of Darth Maul through the Star Wars animated shows; Clone Wars and Rebels; but has also done the same in other Star Wars games like Battlefront 2 and The Skywalker Saga.  

Along with also voicing Emperor Palpatine in those shows and games, he's even voiced Darth Sidious in Fallen Order to boot. So, if a canon Starkiller were to appear as the Sith in Jedi Survivor, Witwer will have been more than ready to reprise the role in a new version.

That's all you need to know from our guide answering who the Sith in Jedi Survivor could be.

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