Which Is The Best Apex Legends Map?

Which Is The Best Apex Legends Map?
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Katie Memmott


22nd Jun 2021 14:12

Apex Legends Legacy (or Season 9) not only brought mini maps in the form of the new Arenas mode, but it also reintroduced World’s Edge after it was sorely missed by the Apex community during the previous season.

With OG map Kings Canyon taking a season-long hiatus, and World’s Edge and Olympus in rotation, the question remains – which Apex Legends map is the best?

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the positives and negatives of each of Apex Legends’ iconic three maps, while also being mindful that personal opinion plays a huge part in determining which map is "the best".

Best apex legends map
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Best apex legends map – Kings Canyon


Kings Canyon was the original Apex Legends map, and therefore is the one that players are the most familiar with, leading to better rotation, knowledge of choke points and high ground, and more. Although the map changed a lot over the seasons, familiarity is the key to winning games. Understanding the flow of the landscape can be the difference between an Apex Championship, and defeat.

Ziplines and balloons galore, KC allows for plenty of movement across the sandy plains, and its relatively small size compared to the newer maps meant you could fly across the entire map with relative ease.

As for loot, Flyers are the creatures of choice on Kings Canyon and will drop a death box upon shooting them, leaving you some choice pickings. These, along with Loot Ticks and Loot Bunkers, meant there was no shortage of prime looting opportunities for you and your squad. 


After the introduction of World's Edge, many fans concluded that they preferred Kings Canyon due to its smaller size (150% smaller), better colour-scape (easier to see enemies due to the muted colours), more foliage for camouflage, and way more compounded areas (rather than World's Edges many singular buildings). However, the smaller size of KC means far fewer Supply Bins and faster games due to the closeness of enemy teams.

Best Apex Legends Map
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Best apex legends map – World’s Edge


The second map to be added to the pool for Apex Legends, World’s Edge is probably best known for its wide variety of buildings, whether they be great for trapping up, sniping from, or merely hiding from that three-stack of Preds.

World’s Edge is also home to varying landscapes, from lush green fields to fiery lava pits, the colour scheme means it’s pretty easy to spot players against this technicolour backdrop – which could be good or bad, depending on your playstyle.

World’s Edge is designed for so many styles of gameplay, and is suited to not only close-quarters combat, with thin paths and cities, but also long-range tactical gameplay, with high ground galore being perfect for sniping.

Looting is good on World’s Edge too, and Cargo Bots offer players an opportunity to grab themselves an entire vault of high-tier loot, by dropping a Vault Key when shot.


There are several POIs that are pretty much off-limits to a squad without a death wish, as many locations open themselves up to being high traffic areas, where many teams converge. While some maps like Kings Canyon only have one or two hot spots, World’s Edge is a minefield, and Train Yard and East/West Fragment (previously Capitol City) are the top places to drop if you fancy a quick death.

best apex legends map
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Best apex legends map – Olympus


While not really having any effect on gameplay at all, it has to be said that Olympus may be the most visually pleasing map of the three; with its blossom trees, gorgeous skyscrapers, and gardens galore, it’s a treat for the eyes as you close them for the last time after being one shot with a Kraber.

As any battle royale player will know, you’re only as good as your loot, and Olympus provides that in spades. The layout provides a seamless flow to travel from one loot spot to the next. Due to the large size of Olympus, squads may find themselves being left alone to loot for considerably longer on this map before an engagement, meaning more time to get higher grade weapons and shields.


As Olympus is the newest map to hit Apex Legends, it can feel daunting to new players due to its vast size. This larger scale also means that games can seem long and tedious, as players struggle to find each other easily.

Sniping opportunities are also very few and far between on Olympus, due to the map areas being spaced out and high ground harder to find.


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