Tower of Fantasy Lepus Constellation: How To Solve

Tower of Fantasy Lepus Constellation: How To Solve
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19th Aug 2022 14:36

There are 11 collectable telescopes throughout the world in Tower of Fantasy. Each house has a puzzle in which you must join stars to make a specific constellation. In return for solving the telescope puzzles in Tower of Fantasy, you can get rewards and XP. To learn how to solve the Lepus Constellation and where to find it, read here.

Tower of Fantasy: Lepus Constellation Location

Lepus Constellation Location in Tower of Fantasy
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The Lepus Constellation telescope is in Navia, east of Navia Bay and north of the Seventh Day Forest. There is a nearby spawn point and a settlement marked on the map, guarded by two high-level harlequin enemies. These enemies stand guard over the tower, the telescope is behind the tower facing off from the cliff.

To unlock Navia in your game, you, must progress the story past Chapter Two and complete the Banges main plot point. The story will direct you to travel to Cetus Island to see Doctor Claire, this is when the area will become open to you for exploration.

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Tower of Fantasy: Lepus Constellation Points of Interest

Lepus constellation location in Tower of Fantasy
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Along with the telescope, there is also an investigation point for Cetus Island next to the telescope to pick up on the cliff-side.

The nearby tower houses data and a quest to replace the missing console component. The quest instructs you to see an NPC named Morgely for this, who lives on Rig FC-11, an off-shore oil rig near Raincaller Island.


Tower of Fantasy Lepus Constellation: How To Solve

How To Solve the Lepus Constellation in Tower of Fantasy
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The trick of the puzzle is to connect the blue stars to the orange to make up the constellation. Follow the above picture for the constellation pattern. Be careful as lines will form from the last point clicked. If you need to recentre yourself, simply click back through the pattern to select the star you wish.

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