The Knight Witch Seed Locations

The Knight Witch Seed Locations
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Harry Boulton


29th Nov 2022 17:46

If you have any aspirations of upgrading your health or mana, then you're definitely going to want to find all of The Knight Witch seed locations. The Knight Witch is a tough game, so making sure that you're fully prepped for all of the biggest battles will go a long way in securing your survival. So, to find out where all of The Knight Witch seed locations are, make sure to carry on reading down below.

The Knight Witch Seed Locations

Here's a full list of all of The Knight Witch seed locations that we've found:

Seed location in Hall of Giants
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In the Hall of Giants, you might have missed one of the seeds if you were taking a more linear route through the opening level. In the boss room just before you get to the Town Market door, head down four rooms and then right to reach a seed.

Seed location in Town Market
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The second seed that you can find in The Knight Witch is within the Town Market. If you have found the Underbaker in the central T-shaped room, then all you need to do is head up and then left to get to the seed. If you've not found the Underbaker though, just head straight forward from the first checkpoint, through the long room with lots of enemies, and then head up in the central room. You will need to make sure that you have the Sword though, as otherwise, you won't be able to reach the room.

Seed location in Giga Tree
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In the Giga Tree, three rooms left of the main Metal Rose objective, you can find a room with a seed in it. It shouldn't take you too long if you go straight there from the start of the level, so is a great one to pick up if you're struggling with some of the enemies in this early area.

Seed location in Forge Fields
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The next seed location is within the Forge Fields, and it is a bit of a tricky one to reach. From the first checkpoint, you will want to match the following sequence of directions: right, left, up, left, right. You need to clear an ambush room right before you reach the seed - which could end up being quite difficult - but it is definitely worth it for the reward.

Seed location in Catacombs
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The final The Knight Witch seed location is found within the Catacombs, which is the final area in the game. This particular seed can be found right near the end of the area, in the room to the right of the last checkpoint.

Each of The Knight Witch seed locations gives you the choice of a single upgrade point in either your health or your mana. While there isn't necessarily a correct answer as to which one you should choose at which point, it is generally better to favour health over mana, as you can always fall back on your gun if you can't use any spells. Make sure to balance your upgrades though, as both are incredibly important to your success in The Knight Witch.

So, that concludes this list of The Knight Witch seed locations, giving you the places you need to go if you want to get a bit stronger in-game. If you're wondering where to find Pistola in The Knight Witch for the side quest though, make sure to have a read of our guide.