How To Get The Cycle Frontier Optic Glass

How To Get The Cycle Frontier Optic Glass
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15th Jun 2022 16:23

The Cycle Frontier Optic Glass is a very important resource for players looking to increase the accuracy of their weapons, making for a must-have material whenever you come across it. There are a number of materials that range from common to legendary in The Cycle Frontier, with the rarer ones typically being better and having more important uses across the game. So if you're wanting to know how to get The Cycle Frontier Optic Glass and what it can be used for, read on. 

How To Get The Cycle Frontier Optic Glass

How To Get The Cycle Frontier Optic Glass
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Optic Glass is an uncommon material that can be scavenged from a variety of areas on Fortuna III. It can either be lying around the ground or inside storage objects in its material form, and can also be harvested from Optic Lenses. 

One of the better ways of finding Optic Glass is by looting all the cabinets you can during your period on the ground, as it has a high chance of spawning in these objects. The biggest amount of cabinets can be located in the Pinnacle Labs, which is in the north-east of the Crescent Falls map. Other Osiris structures like these are also useful for finding the resource. 


For early-game players, the Waterfall Lab in the north-east of the map is a good place to find the material too, as it can be found across the floors of the hallways and rooms. It's worth noting that this location is often highly contested, so you should be on the lookout for other players and try to stay hidden. 

On this same map, the legion of Rockpool in the south-west - located just above the Swamp - is another quality area to scavenge for Optic Glass due to the high concentration of Optic Lenses around the buildings. This also tends to have fewer players nearby and is close to an extraction zone, so you can take your time. 

The Cycle Frontier Optic Glass Uses 

The Cycle Frontier Optic Glass Uses
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You may be asked to find Optic Glass for certain assignments that you can take when in orbit, but it's mostly used for crafting. You can produce sights for your weapons to increase their accuracy and help you spot enemies at longer ranges, and it's also a key ingredient for making the Zeus Beam. The Zeus Beam is a powerful heavy weapon that utilises a concentrated beam of plasma, allowing you to quickly disintegrate enemies. 

That's all for our breakdown of The Cycle Frontier Optic Glass, and now you know a few locations where they can be found, along with what uses you can get out of them. 

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