Are The Callisto Protocol And PUBG Connected?

Are The Callisto Protocol And PUBG Connected?
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29th Nov 2022 11:34

Is The Callisto Protocol set in the PUBG unviverse? The Callisto Protocol is a highly anticipated horror game, deeply inspired by the Dead Space series. PUBG is a highly successful battle royale game that kickstarted one of, if not, the most popular genres of multiplayer gaming. The strange thing is that they were connected in lore in some shape or form in the past. Is that still the case today? 

Are The Callisto Protocol And PUBG Canonically Linked?

Callisto Protocol PUBG Connection
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Game development has its own twists and turns, and at one point The Callisto Protocol and PUBG were connected. However, as more time was spent on the project, the developer Striking Distance Studios decided to separate the two IPs. It's not connected to the Dead Space franchise as well.

"The Callisto Protocol is its own story and world," said Striking Distance Studios CEO Glen Schofield in a tweet (via IGN). "It no longer takes place in the PUBG Universe; it was originally part of the PUBG timeline, but grew into its own world."

However, Schofield has teased "little surprises for fans" but stays firm on The Callisto Protocol having "its own world, story and universe." Unfortunately, Xbox Game Pass subscribers won't be experiencing this game on their service. You'll need to buy this game at full price.

Originally, The Callisto Protocol was going to take place hundreds of years after the events of PUBG in 2320. At that point, any connections that could be made between The Callisto Protocol and PUBG would be small and nothing substantial. The two games also have the same publisher Krafton, so it would have made sense to cross-pollinate their most promising franchises together. 

Is A Sequel To The Callisto Protocol Planned?

The Callisto Protocol Sequel
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With so much excitement and fervour for The Callisto Protocol before it even releases, some hints at a sequel have been made by Schofield. 

“I want to make a sequel,” he said to Inverse back in October. He assured future players of The Callisto Protocol that it's a "complete game," but teased "there’s a lot of ideas, cool ideas, we want to do next." Schofield said he's "already thinking what's next" and wants to "keep making the next big thing."

Hopefully, The Callisto Protocol sells well enough to greenlight that electrifying sequel Schofield and his development studio has planned. No official announcement has been made yet, but we could possibly expect a tantalizing ending that shows the future of the franchise. Hopefully, the team won't crunch for that project like this one

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