The Callisto Protocol Creator Is Already Planning A Sequel

The Callisto Protocol Creator Is Already Planning A Sequel
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Joseph Kime


27th Oct 2022 12:45

The Callisto Protocol is starting to peek around the corner at us, and we're eager to greet it. Coming off as something of a spiritual successor to the Dead Space series, The Callisto Protocol is set to make waves as a brand new AAA original horror title (which is long overdue.

Developers at Striking Distance Studios clearly have some very high hopes for this brutal bloodbath. So high, that the game's director is already had a think about what's next for Jacob Lee and the Black Iron prison.

Will There Be The Callisto Protocol 2?

The Callisto Protocol Creator Is Already Planning A Sequel
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Well, that didn't take long. Though we're still awaiting the arrival of The Callisto Protocol, it looks like the people behind it already have some ideas for where the story could go next.

Striking Distance Studios' Glen Schofield has discussed with Inverse what he hopes could become another game in the lineage of the horror title.  "I want to make a sequel," says a candid Schofield.

"This is a complete game, but there's a lot of ideas, cool ideas, we want to do next I always want to keep making the next big thing. Even after I finish a game, I'm already thinking what's next." It's certainly an interesting implication that the game could be getting a sequel even despite the game supposedly tying up at the end - and it's one we'd certainly be intrigued to see.


Glen Schofield Apologises For Promoting Crunch Culture

Along with this revelation, Schofield's chat saw him apologise for egging on crunch culture in the video game industry by tweeting about how Striking Distance Studios' staff were working excruciatingly long hours of their own volition. "The truth is, I messed up," added Schofield. "We're a small-ish team and we were so good about it through the entire development, but at the end I messed up and we worked more than we should have.

"That one got away from us. The social media backlash was educational and I hope it’s a catalyst for change overall." It's good to see Striking Distance seems intent on making that change, especially as The Callisto Protocol is looking like one of the most exciting games to come out of this year. Let's hope it's solid and that sequel could be on the cards.

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