Is The Callisto Protocol In The Dead Space Universe?

Is The Callisto Protocol In The Dead Space Universe?
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29th Nov 2022 11:21

If you've seen a few trailers for The Callisto Protocol, then you might have noticed a few similarities to the Dead Space universe. The Dead Space series is synonymous with horror fans for its creepy sci-fi action and terrifying scenarios. Hopefully, The Callisto Protocol from Striking Distance Studios can bring back that magic and reinvent it for a new audience. As the game shares some developers from Dead Space, does The Callisto Protocol universe connect in some way? We answer that below. 

Is The Callisto Protocol Connected With The Dead Space Universe?

The Callisto Protocol Dead Space
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It is true that Glen Schofield is the CEO and Founder of Striking Distance Studios and was the creator of the Dead Space franchise. However, both The Callisto Protocol and Dead Space are not connected in any way. The Callisto Protocol is a new IP built from the ground up, which seems inspired by the previous works of the Dead Space franchise. It also won't be in the PUBG universe as prior news suggested.

Schofield confirmed this news in an interview with Screen Rant in June 2022: "I think that you're gonna see some of Dead Space in it; there's no doubt because it's the same DNA," he said. "But this is a different game; it's a different story, a different universe, different scares, and different monsters."

He continued to mention that The Callisto Protocol isn't Dead Space 4. "This is a different game, and I think people are gonna appreciate that and hopefully really enjoy it," Schofield said. 

Striking Distance Studios already has plans for a sequel to The Callisto Protocolso it has its own vision for the future of its own franchise, not Dead Space. Unfortunately, the first Callisto Protocol will not be on Xbox Game Pass.

Is There A New Dead Space Coming?

Dead Space Remake EA
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While it isn't 100% new, EA has confirmed that a remake based on the original Dead Space is coming early next year on January 27. The publisher has said that it's a complete remake "rebuilt from the ground up." The PlayStation listing is promising "jaw-dropping visual fidelity, suspenseful atmospheric audio, and improvements to [the] gameplay while staying faithful to the original game’s thrilling vision." We also know it might feature cut content from the first game.

This isn't a new entry to the Dead Space series, but if the remake sells well, it could certainly lead the door to further instalments in the beloved sci-fi horror franchise. 

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