PlayStation Players Will Get An Extra Gift If They Buy The Callisto Protocol

PlayStation Players Will Get An Extra Gift If They Buy The Callisto Protocol

Written by 

Jack Marsh


6th Jun 2022 10:23

Self-proclaimed "single most scariest game for PC and consoles" by the developing team behind The Callisto Protocol, it's inevitable that the 2022 release will come with a high rating on the thrill factor. With promises of jump scares that will have gamers cowering behind their chairs and a hopeless protagonist that will add struggle and wit to the game, The Callisto Protocol now has something extra in store for PlayStation users. 

Krafton's take on the horror genre will likely be influenced by the likes of Dead Space - director Glen Schofield was once the Creator and Executive Producer behind EA's scare show - rather than the rumoured PUBG setting that was debunked. However, with such a frightening experience in-store, it now appears that PlayStation users will get a slight advantage in one of the eeriest strongholds.

Having been revealed at the recent State of Play, the developers now continued their relationship with Sony by revealing that an extra gift will be cast their way to assist in the abolishment of the haunting hallows residing in the game.

The Callisto Protocol Will Have A PlayStation Exclusive Gift

Set to be released in the depths of a December night, the chills of The Callisto Protocol will be eased for PlayStation players as a Contraband Pack will be gifted to anyone pre-ordering the game on Sony's platform.

Speaking in a PlayStation blog following the State of Play reveal, Schofield said pre-ordering PlayStation players will "receive a special Contraband Pack to help give Jacob a fighting chance against the unspeakable horrors of Black Iron Prison."


What Will PlayStation's The Callisto Protocol Contraband Pack Contain?

With very few clues to just how Jacob will be operating within the Black Iron Prison and other areas of the game, the Contraband Pack's contents are equally elusive.

However, should we take an educated guess, the banshees and "Biophages" of Jupiter's dead moon will likely be faced with weapons and health packs from Jacob's Contraband Pack, who will be thankful for any advantages in his fight to survive.

So, if you're a PlayStation gamer with a thirst to be scared, pre-ordering The Callisto Protocol will likely be your best bet if you want to come out of the game without being scarred for life.

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