Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League endgame modes & loot explained

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League endgame modes & loot explained
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Once you finish Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League's story, you're into the endgame, and KTJL gives players more to do once the main campaign is completed, with better gear to chase and higher levels to achieve.

The endgame can keep you going with the game for a long time if you are invested, but what is there to do? 

SPOILER WARNING: We have done our best to keep specific spoilers out of this guide, but as the topic of discussion is what comes after the main story, there are inevitable spoilers below.

What do you do when you finish Suicide Squad?

With the main story completed, you enter Finite Crisis. Suffice it to say that even after beating the final boss, there are more enemies to deal with, opening up a can of worms by introducing Elseworlds, other dimensions with different versions of the DC universe. Those other realities are where you're headed next.

In gameplay terms, this means you have some new activities to tackle, and a few more new features tacked on which are great when creating builds for characters like Captain Boomerang.

First of all, the game adds higher difficulty levels, known as Metropolis Invasion Levels.

a graph showing the endgame loop of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League
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These ramp up the overall difficulty of the game but also increase the experience and rewards you receive. You unlock Invasion Level +1 by gaining enough experience on Sweating Bullets difficulty, then you can unlock Invasion Level +2 by hitting another XP threshold on Level +1, and so on. Moving up to higher difficulties is a key part of the loot grind of the endgame.

To grind for that new loot, you're going to need to tackle the new modes that are introduced in the endgame, but you will need Prometheum to do so.

What is Prometheum?

Prometheum is an in-game currency that you must spend in order to access endgame activities. It can be earned through completing missions around Metropolis, and by defeating red Terminauts known as Cargonauts which drop these resources.

Suicide Squad endgame activities explained

Once you're in the endgame, Metropolis will be populated with repeatable missions. These missions can be farmed for experience and Prometheum, which will be required for the following activities:

Harley Quinn hitting an alien with a baseball bat in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League
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Once you have the required Prometheum, you can take on an Incursion mission. There are three on the map, each one a different activity that grants different rewards. You will have some experience with each of these already as they are the same activities as some of the support missions, like destroying incubators or defeating enemies in waves before activating a shield, with added stipulations known as Mutators.

Mutators are only added once you get into the Mastery difficulties. Similar to the Invasion Levels, you must complete the Incursion on the highest available difficulty to begin unlocking these higher tiers. This is the goal you want to aim for, as the higher Mastery Levels are a big part of increasing your Finite Crisis rank and getting better gear.

Killing Time

Once you hit Finite Crisis rank 10 you will unlock Killing Time, a timed horde mode where you must defeat waves of enemies to keep the timer from going down. Each wave defeated increases the Mastery Level and the higher the Mastery Level you achieve, the better your rewards will be.

However, if you are killed in Killing Time or the timer runs out, you lose your rewards. To keep them, you must get back to the portal and exit the activity. You'll need to use your own judgement to decide when to do this, a few runs should give you a good idea of which level is a good point for you to jump out.

Mastery Level Brainiac

As you continue to progress and get past Finite Rank 30, you will unlock the ability to fight Brainiac on higher difficulties. This is a significantly higher challenge and can be increased further by upping the difficulty, but naturally the rewards increase in tandem. Not all bosses return in this way, but it is a possibility for the future as this mission is labelled a "Mayhem Mission", despite being the only one so far.

Finite Crisis rank & how to unlock better rewards

Finite Crisis rank screenshot
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Your Finite Crisis rank is a score calculated from a handful of metrics, but generally speaking, it's an indication of your progress in the endgame.

A big part of this comes from your highest Mastery Levels achieved. For example, if you complete each of the three Incursion missions at Mastery Level 1, those will be added together to give you a rank of 3. If you make it through Mastery Level 2 on each of them, your Finite Crisis rank will be bumped up to 6.

The main thing your Finite Crisis rank dictates is which tier of Infamy gear you can receive rewards from. At the moment, the Infamy gear you get from the endgame is all Bane-themed. From Finite Crisis rank 1, you can get any item in the Bane's Rage set. Tier 2, Bane's Wrath, unlocks at Finite Crisis rank 30, and the most powerful Tier 3 gear, Bane's Fury, becomes available at rank 60.

To get those Tier 3 rewards, you will need to strive for Mastery Level 20 and above in your Incursions. Once you reach rank 60, you'll want to continue completing Incursions, Killing Time, and defeating Brainiac for more chances to get that Tier 3 loot and become even stronger.

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