Best Deadshot build in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

Best Deadshot build in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League
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12th Feb 2024 11:16


Deadshot is one of the four playable characters in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, and with our best build guide, we'll tell you about the best weapons, mods, and everything else you need for the character in game.

Deadshot, equipped with his jetpack, has the best range of the bunch thanks to his traversal and ability to hover when shooting at enemies. It means he can support teammates like King Shark and Captain Boomerang from a distance. If you want to focus on snipers, Deadshot is your best option.

What are the best weapons for Deadshot?

Black Mask's Bulletstorm sniper in Suicide Squad
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  • Best snipers: Black Mask Notorious Sniper, Bizarro Undeath Ray Notorious Sniper, I’ll Make it Quick Infamy Sniper
  • Best assault rifles: Pinpoint Toastmaster, The Ringleader 

Using Deadshot, you will mainly be in the air, shooting enemies from range. For this reason, snipers are going to be your best friend. An important part of this build is going to Toyman and making sure your augments focus on critical damage.

If you don't like assault rifles in the game, Deadshot can also use pistols. Our choice here would be the Oh! Snap pistol because of the ammo boost it provides. Early on, some of the above weapons aren't easy to find, so make sure you focus on a fast fire rate and high damage output until you can find any of the special weapons above. 

Deadshot’s best melee weapon

Once you unlock it, the Two-Face Persuader will be the best melee weapon for Deadshot because it is the best on offer in the game. However, a Legendary Guns Up or Free Flow wrist cannon will also be very effective until you can find the Two-Face Persuader.

Once you have settled on a melee weapon, you will want to lean heavily into an affliction. We think the Diablo Blaze affliction works best with Deadshot or the Venom Frenzy. Both will do even more damage to enemies without you needing to get close.

What are the best Mods?

As you progress through the game you'll unlock more Mod slots and by the end, you'll have three Mod slots as well as a slot for a Lucky Charm. Here are the best options to use with Deadshot:

  • Shield Mod: Heatwaves Molten skin
  • Deadshot’s Mod: Gravitropism
  • Neck Bomb Mod: Hugo Strange’s Specialisation
  • Lucky Charm: Jinx’s Unlocky Coin

The above mods are all about making Deadshot a bit harder to knock down but also maximise his damage output from afflictions.

Best Talents for Deadshot in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

Deadshot hovering in Suicide Squad
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Every character in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has three skill trees, and when you unlock the next part of one, you can opt for the specific upgrade you want. In some instances, you won’t be able to choose, but on occasion, you will have three different options.

Deadshots skill trees are Tools of the Trade, Locked and Loaded and Fly Like a Bullet. You will want to focus your point on the Sharpshooter and Tactician playstyles with an emphasis on any skill that will boost your critical damage or chance for a critical hit. 

That's all there is to know about the best Deadshot build-in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. If you’re looking for more guides, then take a look at our Suicide Squad homepage where we have already covered how to counter shot, if the game is better solo or co-op, and much more. 

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