All gods & patch notes for SMITE 2's first alpha weekend

All gods & patch notes for SMITE 2's first alpha weekend
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Dave McAdam


2nd May 2024 12:08


  • 14 gods are available to play in the alpha, including Anubis and Loki
  • Strength and Intelligence stats largely replace the now more open Physical/Magical system
  • There's plenty of changes to Conquest, including gold on the map and teleporters

If you can't wait for the eventual launch of SMITE 2, it's going to be available once a month for an alpha test until the permanent beta kicks off later this year.

There are only so many gods appearing in the game's alpha from the 130+ available in the original, though, so here are the ones you can play and the highlights from the patch notes for SMITE 2's first alpha test.

All gods in SMITE 2 alpha

The 14 gods available in the SMITE 2 alpha are:

  • Anhur
  • Anubis
  • Athena
  • Bacchus
  • Bellona
  • Cernunnos
  • Chaac
  • Fenrir
  • Kukulkan
  • Loki
  • Odin
  • Neith
  • Ymir
  • Zeus

The list includes many of the classics that have been there since the early days of the game, alongside a good mix of different roles to make up some competitive matches.

Standouts for SMITE 2's alpha patch notes

Loki fighting Anubis in SMITE 2
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Alongside the first Alpha weekend, we've got a list of patch notes, which describe many of the gameplay changes coming from SMITE to SMITE 2.

Below are some of my standouts from the full patch notes, detailing different elements that are changing that you should know about before jumping in. 

Strength & Intelligence

Probably the biggest change to how builds will work in SMITE 2 is the new Strength and Intelligence system. In the new game, gods are no longer divided into physical and magical types, and all gods will be able to purchase all items.

  • Now, gods can have both physical and magical abilities, which are scaled separately by your STR and INT stats
  • If you're playing a very physical god, you'll probably go all in on STR, and the opposite is true for magical gods

However, now that gods will have a mixture of both ability types, you can mix and match. For example, Chaac is a largely physical god, so increasing his Strength will buff his damage. However, his healing rain scales with Intelligence, meaning you can increase his INT to dramatically improve that ability more so than you could before.

This new system will shake up how god builds work, so be sure to play around with this new system to figure out some interesting new builds.

Zeus using his ultimate on Ymir in SMITE 2
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Conquest changes

The main game mode of SMITE 2, Conquest, has some updates too, with there being more ways to earn gold now, like the Gold Caches that appear alongside each lane.

Further, towers now have tiers to their health bars, and reducing the health of an enemy tower to one of these tiers will grant gold to your team. The first team on a given lane to reduce the opposing tower to the lowest tier will get bonus gold for their trouble.

The Warhorn is a new capturable objective on the solo lane that grants gold to the team and also spawns in a wave of Champion Minions, which are stronger than the average ones. There are teleporters you can use to instantly travel between the solo and duo lanes, and there is now long grass on the map that you can hide in, like other MOBAs.


The biggest change coming to gods is the removal of classifications. While gods may be more suited to one role or another, that has never meant they couldn't play outside of those roles. SMITE 2 will reflect that by removing classes and any constraints associated with that system.

Now, gods will have playstyle tags that give you an idea of what their strengths are. For example, Bellona's tags are Crowd Control, Melee, and Pressure. these tags along with the god's stats will inform how they are best played, without forcing you into a set role.

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For more on the game, head to our SMITE 2 homepage, where we have guides on how to get into the alpha tests, what Ascension Passes are, and the different Founder's Editions on offer.

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