SMITE 2 has several Founder's Editions to choose from, here's the difference

SMITE 2 has several Founder's Editions to choose from, here's the difference
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16th Apr 2024 13:16

Like its predecessor, SMITE 2 has several Founder's Editions that you can purchase to unlock in-game content at various levels. It works much the same way as the original, but with new skins and cosmetic items on offer at the higher levels. 

So, if you're a fan of the game and want to grab a Founder's Edition, but you're not sure which one is right for you, here's everything you need to know.

All SMITE 2 Founder's Editions

Here are the editions you can buy, and what each one gets you:


Founder's Edition


Deluxe Founder's Edition


Ultimate Founder's Edition


SMITE 2 game access Yes Yes Yes
All Gods, forever Yes Yes Yes
Founder's Avatar, Badge and Title Yes Yes Yes
Cacodemon Ymir Skin (SMITE 2 only, pre-order during Closed Alpha) Yes Yes Yes
Double Legacy Gems Yes Yes Yes
Cross-Gen Nightstalker Neith Skin No Yes Yes
Ascension Passes for 11 Alpha Launch Weekend Gods No Yes Yes
Tier 5 Cross-Gen Skin 'The Fallen' for Zeus No No Yes
Ultimate Edition Avatar, Badge and Title No No Yes
Ascension Passes for the first 23 Alpha Gods No No Yes

Which Founder's Edition should you choose?

A graphic showing all of the items included in SMITE 2 Ultimate Founder's Edition
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The simplest way to look at these editions is as follows: the regular Founder's Edition is the game itself, and the Deluxe and Ultimate Editions are extras. The God Pass is the most important purchase here, as it gets you access to every God in the game, as soon as they are released.

The items in the more expensive editions can be very worthwhile extras if you are a dedicated fan, but everything that you get in those editions that aren't in the regular Founder's Edition are purely cosmetic.

SMITE 2 will be free-to-play when it launches, so buying one of the Founder's Editions is just to get early access to the alpha tests that will be taking place over the summer. That said, everything you buy will be carried over, and some of these items like the Cacodemon skin for Ymir will only be available during early access.

All three stages of the new Zeus Tier-5 skin, The Fallen
Click to enlarge

The main draw of the Deluxe and Ultimate editions is the Ascension passes. Ascension is a new system that works alongside the Mastery system for each God, where you can unlock extra rewards if you have that God's Ascension pass. Still, these items are just cosmetics, so don't worry about missing out on anything crucial to gameplay.

The base Founder's Edition is probably the one that most players should get. The Deluxe and Ultimate editions are for the dedicated fans who will get the most value from them. While the Ultimate edition is expensive, it comes with a Tier 5 skin for Zeus, an extremely rare tier of skin that is highly sought after.

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That's it for the various Founder's Editions you can buy. For more SMITE 2 news and info, check out our rundown of the game's reveal, our interview with the developers on why a sequel was needed, and whether the original game will be shut down when SMITE 2 launches.

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