SMITE 2 Ascension Passes give your gods more cosmetics, here's how

SMITE 2 Ascension Passes give your gods more cosmetics, here's how
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19th Apr 2024 17:25

Ascension Passes are a new system coming to SMITE 2, giving players more ways to earn cosmetic items for their favourite gods.

The sequel updates the long-running action MOBA with quality-of-life improvements and new features like the Ascension Passes, which are an extension of the existing Mastery system in the game. Here's what we know about this system so far.

What are Ascension Passes?

Ascension Passes are supplements to the Mastery system, which can be purchased to get extra cosmetic rewards for a particular god.

You can think of it a bit like a season pass that has a free and premium reward track. Mastery is the free track, you do not need to pay anything extra for it and you will receive some rewards for levelling it up.

If you purchase an Ascension Pass, whether individually or through the Founder's Editions, you will gain even more rewards for that god as you level them up through the Mastery ranks. Having the Ascension Pass for a god will increase the number of worshippers you receive for them, speeding up the process of levelling up.

Gods attacking a phoenix in SMITE 2
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The Ascension Pass rewards can include advanced trackers, as well as unique skins and emotes. Bear in mind that each god has their own Ascension Pass that must be purchased individually, so acquiring them all would be a costly endeavour, both in time and money.

We do not yet know how much these Ascension Passes will cost, but we should learn more during the upcoming SMITE 2 alpha weekends.

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That's all we know so far on Ascension Passes. For more, head to our SMITE 2 homepage to check out our rundown of the game's reveal, our interview with the developers on why a sequel was needed, and if the original game will be shut down when SMITE 2 launches.

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