SMITE 2 alpha weekends are coming soon, here's how to get in

SMITE 2 alpha weekends are coming soon, here's how to get in
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16th Apr 2024 13:20

Hoping to get involved in the SMITE 2 alpha weekends? The upcoming sequel will all but replace the original game with a new version, bringing updated graphics and new features to the game.

Alpha weekends will be the first opportunity for players to check out the update, ahead of the eventual beta and full release coming later. Here's how you can get involved.

How to access SMITE 2 alpha weekends

The only way to take part in the SMITE 2 alpha period is to purchase one of the Founder's Editions. Each one gives you early access to the game, meaning all alpha tests, followed by the beta, and then the full version of the game.

Each of the Founder's Editions will get you into the alpha weekends, so go for the one that is most appropriate for you. Even the basic Founder's Edition will get you all gameplay content, including access to all of the Gods when they're released.

SMITE 2 Become a Founder
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As regards when these alpha weekends will start, we're not sure yet. We do know that the first closed alpha weekend is happening in May. The Founder's Editions are available now and contain content for the first game as well, so you can decide for yourself whether they are worth buying now or later.

Personally, I would recommend you hold on until the first alpha begins, then check it out to see if you want to put the money down.

Hi-Rez Studios has confirmed that there will only be "a limited god roster" during the alpha weekends and that "many features outside of the core gameplay experience will be unavailable", so this is more of a taster of what's to come than anything.

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That's it for how to get into the upcoming alpha weekends. For more, head to our SMITE 2 homepage to check out our rundown of the SMITE 2 reveal, our interview with the developers on why a sequel was needed, and if SMITE will be shut down when SMITE 2 launches.

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