All Skateman Simulator codes to redeem free Boosts & Pets

All Skateman Simulator codes to redeem free Boosts & Pets
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23rd Feb 2024 15:20

Skateman Simulator codes are plentiful, and we have a full list of them for your convenience. If you haven't played it, Skateman Simulator is a Roblox game where you ride skateboards repeatedly to improve your skills, then use the resources you gather (screws & wheels) to further improve your stats.

The codes for the game mostly provide boosts of all kinds, giving you a set amount of time in which you can gain even more resources, reducing the time required to get to the next level as a skateboarder. The full list is below, along with instructions on how to redeem them.

All active Skateman Simulator codes

More codes below...
Code Reward
mini krosno Double every boost
Construction  2 Double rebirth boosts
HappyHalloween  2 Double luck boosts
Lab  Rebirth boost
7KFavorites  2 Luck boosts
Gems  2 Wheel boosts
Thxfor30kGRmembers  2 Rebirth boosts
Russo  Russo Pet
More codes below...
Code Reward
ThxFor25kGRMembers  2 Lucky boosts
Autumn  2 Rebirth boosts
thxfor2Klikes  2 Luck boosts
500KVisits  2 Wheels boosts
Pirate  Rebirth boost
Cave  Wheels boost
100KVisits  Wheels boost
3KFavorites  Rebirths boost
ThxFor1KLikes  Luck boost
Brot  Brot pet
More codes below...
Code Reward
Roksek  Roksek pet
DawFix  Dawfix pet
Holix  Holix pet
Pedro  Pedro pet
Juniorsky  Juniorsky pet
Exdar  Exdar pet
Olopomidoro  Olopomidoro pet
EngieGang  2 Screws boosts
Pikselow  2 Wheels boosts
Sokolyt  2 Luck boosts
Code Reward
Szymixon  2 Screws boosts
Wampiks  2 Wheels boosts
Liponek  2 Luck boosts
Lukiyt  2 Screws boosts
Adamko  Adamko pet
500Favorites  2 Wheels boosts
Release  2 Wheels boosts

The lists above show all of the codes you can redeem in Skateman Simulator, and there are plenty of them. Some of them grant pets which is fun, but the majority of them grant timed boosts for your luck, screws, wheels, and so on.

Whatever you do, do not redeem them all at once. Each one gives you a limited-time boost and they do not stack. Instead, you should use these codes one at a time, activating a new code once your current boost runs out.

How to redeem codes

The codes menu in Skateman Simulator
Click to enlarge

Skateman Simulator doesn't have a codes button on the main screen anywhere, so you might be wondering where you need to look for the option. To redeem codes, you must:

  • Select the Shop icon on the top right of the screen
  • Scroll to the bottom of the Shop to find the Codes section
  • Input an active code into the text box and then press Redeem

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That is it for our rundown of Skateman Simulator codes. For more, head to our Roblox homepage where we have codes for games like Fruit Battlegrounds, Anime Adventures, Project Slayers, Kick Door Simulator, and Type Soul.

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