All Type Soul codes & how to redeem re-rolls

All Type Soul codes & how to redeem re-rolls
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Morgan Truder

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23rd Apr 2024 12:36

It's worth learning how to redeem Type Soul codes, as the re-roll rewards will help give you a second chance at getting some of the strongest gear available - and who wouldn't want that?

Roblox has a tonne of role-playing games, and Type Soul is one of the most popular amongst them right now, taking inspiration from the well-known Bleach manga. 

In the game, players can choose to be either a Soul Reaper or a monster, progressing through gameplay by getting new skills and rolling for weapons or monster types. With re-rolls, you can get a second chance to get the best gear, so check out all the Type Soul codes you can redeem right now.

All working Type Soul codes

There are three codes currently available to redeem in Type Soul, with the current crop offering up different re-roll types for weapons, elements, and Shikai powers. Check them out in the table below:

Code Rewards
robloxban Rerolls
lightsegunda Rerolls
100mlikes Rerolls
afkworld Rerolls
robotcowoe Rerolls
soulianstreak Rerolls
pleasegivemererollscodesimliterallystarvingoverhereimstuckwithacid Rerolls
kamehamehax3 Rerolls
ididntgetopenedupiliterallyjustgottiredofblocking Rerolls
khaoticyachty Rerolls
luisvonmarco Rerolls
balancedbalance Rerolls
supasta Rerolls
nuovaprimadon Rerolls
johnbooming Rerolls
cowoe10k Rerolls
sorryfortheinconvenienceee Rerolls
eduardobrg10k Rerolls
khaotic10k Rerolls
nuova10k Rerolls
delayedwhoops Rerolls
bloodedged Rerolls
ohwowcool Rerolls
nuovalovesquincy Rerolls
spiritgun Rerolls
happyeaster Rerolls
doomatearoom Rerolls

How to redeem Type Soul codes

an image showing how to redeem Type Soul codes
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Now that you know which rewards are currently available, you'll want to make sure that you know exactly how to get them - and I've found it takes just a few clicks to get up and running with new freebies. 

We've gone through each step below, so you know exactly what to do:

  • Click the red gift icon at the top left of the screen
  • In the new window, select the text box
  • Enter a code
  • Press the Enter key to redeem

Your re-roll will appear instantly on your account, and a text box will appear confirming you received the reward. 


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