All Bee Factory free coin codes & how to redeem them in October 2023

All Bee Factory free coin codes & how to redeem them in October 2023
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Jack Roberts


11th Oct 2023 16:17


If you’re looking for Bee Factory codes to get your hands on some free coins - as well as some helpful hints on how to redeem them - then look no further, as we've got a full rundown of what you need right here.

Bee Factory for Roblox will have you embracing your inner beekeeper as you grow your wall of bees to accumulate some much-needed wealth. It’s a simple case of more honey meaning more money, so some codes to give you a little coin boost can’t be(e) too bad, can it?

So, read on for all the codes you’ll need in the game and how to redeem them so you can be rolling in coins in no time.

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All Bee Factory codes in October 2023

The section of Bee Factory where you can use coins to buy more Bees
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There are several codes for you to redeem in Bee Factory, all of which will result in an assortment of free coins to add to your balance to buy some much-needed bees or increase the rate you sell your precious honey.




While testing these codes in-game myself, I wasn't able to find out precisely how many coins these particular rewards redeemed, but I can confirm that they are currently active in-game and were successful upon testing them.

Once you've redeemed these codes, keep checking back for any updates, as you never know when there will be more.

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How to redeem codes in Bee Factory

The code redemption screen in Bee Factory for Roblox
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Now that you’ve got your codes to get some coins in Bee Factory, it’s time to redeem them by following these instructions once you're in-game:

  • Click the blue 'Codes' option on the left-hand side of the screen within the honeycomb array of buttons
  • Once the following window appears, start typing in your codes
  • Hit 'Confirm' and you’ll be swimming in coins in no time

Now with these codes, you can have entire walls filled with bees, and so much honey you won’t know what to do with it all!

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How to play Bee Factory in Roblox

The Honey Deposit in Bee Factory for Roblox, where you can swap honey for coins
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If you’re just starting in Bee Factory, the premise is simple: you buy an assortment of bees that produce honey, which can then be sold for coins to help improve your apiary escapades.

Once you’ve collected an ample amount of honey, you can head over to the hive to sell it for more coins.

Coins and honey are the key resources you’ll be using in Bee Factory, with coins especially providing several benefits, including buying more bees and increasing the rate at which you sell honey.

That’s everything you need to know about using codes to get free coins in Bee Factory for Roblox. Our codes homepage has even more rewards for you to redeem, where you'll find pages for the latest Anime Adventures codes.

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