All Fruit Battlegrounds codes to redeem Gems in March 2024

All Fruit Battlegrounds codes to redeem Gems in March 2024
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Ben Williams

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3rd Apr 2024 13:53

One Piece-inspired games in Roblox like Fruit Battlegrounds are good, but having codes to redeem for awesome bonuses makes the game even better.

Based on the beloved One Piece manga and anime, Fruit Battlegrounds is a game where you can obtain your own Devil Fruit powers, earn yourself a bounty, battle your friends, and become the very best fighter out there.

By redeeming the codes below, you'll get access to sweet bonuses which will help you on the path to Devil Fruit mastery.

All Fruit Battlegrounds codes

Code Rewards
500 Gems (NEW)
OMG600K!!! 500 Gems
DAHUNT2024 450 Gems
HIGH590 500 Gems
POS1T1V1TY 500 Gems
SPR34DL0V3 350 Gems
580FLAMES 500 Gems

Each of the seven Fruit Battlegrounds codes is in the above table - all redeemable for varying amounts of Gems.

After successfully testing all of the codes myself, I had a total of 3,300 Gems which let me purchase what felt like an endless amount of Devil Fruit Spins.

For the price of 50 Gems, a spin will grant you a new Devil Fruit power - becoming your first or replacing the one you currently have. The rewards are enough for you to buy 56 spins, so you'll be able to keep spinning until you get a rare Devil Fruit power you'll be satisfied with.

It took me a few spins to get Luffy's iconic Rubber Fruit, but then a few more to acquire the rare but powerful Bomb Fruit - giving the player "the ability to explode anything they touch".

How to redeem codes

The menu to redeem Fruit Battlegrounds codes
Click to enlarge

Here's exactly how to redeem Fruit Battlegrounds codes, so you can enjoy your free Gems as soon as possible after launching the game: 

  • In the main menu, select the "Spin Fruit" button
  • Select the treasure chest under "SPIN"
  • Click into the "Enter Code Here..." text box
  • Enter one of the above codes
  • Select "Redeem"
  • If correct, you'll get your rewards right away

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