All Soccer Ball free coin codes & how to redeem them

All Soccer Ball free coin codes & how to redeem them
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Soccer Ball is a Roblox game where instead of scoring by shooting at a goal, you need to shoot the ball to kill other players instead. The goal of the game is to be the last man standing in the round.We have here a few codes that provide free coins that you can use to get upgrades in this game. You can get new abilities, shots, and effects with these coins.

We'll also show you how to redeem your Soccer Ball codes so you can get your free rewards quickly. 

All active Soccer Ball codes

While there aren’t many codes to redeem in Soccer Ball at the moment, you can still get your hands on some coins to spend in the game, so it is well worth redeeming what you can.




35x Coins


35x Coins


35x Coins


35x Coins


35x Coins


1 Spin


35x Coins


35x Coins


35x Coins

After redeeming these codes myself, it showed me that I had indeed gained a significant number of coins to spend on upping my Soccer Ball game.

How to redeem Soccer Ball codes

The code redemption screen in Soccer Ball for Roblox
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Now that you have your codes for Soccer Ball, you’ll need to know how to redeem them. Fortunately, it’s easy enough and only takes a couple of steps to do so.

  • Firstly, launch Soccer Ball for Roblox on the device of your choosing
  • Next, click the Present icon in the top left corner
  • This will bring down a menu, with the Codes option at the bottom
  • After selecting Codes, enter them in and hit Claim to get your rewards

And just like that, you’ll have even more coins to help you get ahead and start winning some Soccer Ball matches.

How to play Soccer Ball in Roblox

A Roblox character on a green pitch in Soccer Ball. The ball is red and the character has become its target.
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In Soccer Ball, you get to play against other players in a head-to-head manner (or foot-to-foot in this case). The goal is to survive and be the last man standing by by avoiding or shooting back the ball that approaches you which can be quite deadly.

Coins in the games can buy you a multitude of benefits, including new shots and abilities to help you become the ultimate Soccer Ball champion.

That’s everything you need to start redeeming codes in Soccer Ball for Roblox and getting your hands on an enviable number of free coins. If you’re looking for even more freebies to use in your games, be sure to check out our Blox Fruits codes guide.

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