Saints Row Map: Size And Districts

Saints Row Map: Size And Districts
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31st Aug 2022 14:23

The Saints Row map is an extremely important part of the game, as you will spend the majority of your time trekking across it to complete main story missions, side activities, find collectibles, or just commit crime. The Saints Row reboot takes the player to a brand-new city, ditching Steelport and Stillwater of the previous entries for Santa Ileso, which is located in the American south-west. If you want to know a little more about the Saints Row map, including its size and the available districts, we've got you covered. 

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Saints Row Map Size

Saints Row Map Size
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As you can see in the map above, Santa Ileso is positioned on both sides of a massive lake and is surrounded by desert. It's much bigger and varied than any previous Saints Row map, and it seems to come in at roughly 8 km from side to the other. It does feel much bigger due to the geography though, as players can't just travel straight across the map due to the large lake in the centre. With air vehicles that you can acquire later in the game, it starts to feel smaller.

Saints Row Map Districts 

There are a multitude of districts on the Santa Ileso map, making many of the areas feel unique. These different regions are also controlled by one of the three major gangs: Los Panteros, Idols, and Marshall. Much of the experience involves the player gaining control over different districts and establishing the Saints as the new leaders, but you need to know what they all are first. Here are all the districts: 


  • Monte Vista
  • Marina West
  • Marina East
  • Old Town West
  • Old Town East
  • Rojas Desert North
  • Kavanagh Country Territory
  • West Providencia
  • East Providencia 
  • Mercedes
  • Smelterville East
  • Smelterville West
  • Badlands North
  • Badlands South
  • Lakeshore North
  • Lakeshore South
  • West Flats
  • East Flats
  • El Dora's
  • Lake Sebastian

That's all for our coverage of the Saints Row map, and now you know the rough size, along with what the different districts are. 

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