How To Increase Maximum Health In Saints Row

How To Increase Maximum Health In Saints Row
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You may want to know how to increase maximum health in Saints Row, as you'll be limited in how much havoc you can cause until your health is high enough to resist an army of enemies. The Saints Row reboot has received quite a mixed bag of responses from critics and gamers, but for those who are enjoying the open world crime adventure, you may want to know how to become more powerful. They say the best offence is a good defence, and it's a good start for becoming an unstoppable criminal boss, so check out how to increase maximum health in Saints Row

Saints Row: How To Increase Maximum Health

Saints Row: How To Increase Maximum Health
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In Saints Row, your health bar is broken down by segments, starting with three of them and maxing out at six if you successfully increase it throughout the game. At the start of the game, only three segments of HP will make you quite vulnerable, and combined with your lack of quality weaponry, it can be a struggle to be super effective in combat without taking your time and utilising cover effectively. Along with getting better weapons, the key to improving your overall effectiveness is to increase your HP.


To start boosting your maximum health, you just simply need to level up, and upon reaching certain levels you will be rewarded with an extra segment of health. These are paced so that as you approach the final parts of the game you should have the max health of six segments, but you can get there quicker if you want to. 

There is a multitude of ways to gain XP in Saints Row, and almost every action you take will reward you with some form of experience. Taking part in combat, completing missions, and performing activities like Saints Row Drug Pallet Pickups are the best ways of consistently earning large amounts of XP, but between these, driving dangerously and doing stunts is also a good method to keep your XP ticking up. 

That's all for our primer on how to increase maximum health in Saints Row, and now you know how to earn XP to get more health segments.

We also cover how to take part in the Saints Row Dumpster Diving activity, which can be useful for finding extra cash and XP. 

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