Saints Row Weather Stations: How To Complete All Weather Station Discoveries

Saints Row Weather Stations: How To Complete All Weather Station Discoveries
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22nd Aug 2022 16:18

Saints Row Weather Stations are one of the discovery side activities in the game. Saints Row has a huge open world full of things to see and do. A standard piece of your character's equipment is your wingsuit, and by using Weather Stations you can wingsuit all over the city. Here is everything you need to know to complete Saints Row Weather Station discoveries.

Saints Row Weather Stations: How To Find Them

A weather station location on the map
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Weather Stations are one of the Discovery activities dotted all over the map of Saints Row. To find them, open your phone and go to the map. At the top of the screen, you will see some headings. Scroll across to Discoveries, as they do not show up even when All is selected. You will see yellow icons all over the map.

The icon for the Weather Stations is a bit of a difficult one to describe. It seems to depict someone in a full wingsuit diving from a Weather Station. If you aren't sure based on the icon, your best bet is to move your cursor over various icons until you find a Weather Station. There are plenty of them, many are just outside the city, so look around the city limits and into the desert. They are quite easy to spot from a distance, if you see a glowing yellow orb in the distance, that is the top of a weather tower.


Saints Row Weather Stations: How To Complete Them

Flying through the air with a wingsuit, above some houses in the desert
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Saints Row Weather Stations are a bit of an odd one to define as an activity. There is no goal to complete, you do not collect anything, or kill anyone, so it really is hard to nail down exactly what the objective is here. We have tested multiple ways of approaching the Weather Stations, flown all over the map using them, tried landing on various landmarks, but nothing seems to come of it.

Using the Weather Station does not add anything to the tally of completed Discoveries in the area. As such, we have to assume that there is no reason for the Weather Stations other than to simply use them for fun. Undoubtedly they will have their uses, but no need to religiously scour the map for them.

That is everything you need to know about Saints Row Weather Stations. To learn much more about the game, check out our Saints Row Review.

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