Rocket League Rank Distribution Explained

Rocket League Rank Distribution Explained
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Jack Marsh


11th Jul 2022 17:20

Wondering how your Rocket League rank distribution stacks up against the rest of the world? Have you ever speculated if you're an above-average Rocket League player? Is being hard-stuck in Platinum that bad? Well, we have the answers for you with our complete explanation of how Rocket League rank distributions work and where your rank lies. 

What Is The Rocket League Rank Distribution?

The essence of Rocket League rank distribution is to see how many other players are in your respective rank. Depending on the game mode, the distribution stats might give you a good insight into why it's so hard to progress through your respective rank and allow you to figure out whether your skills are above average.

As of the free-to-play update in 2021, the rank distribution shifted significantly to give players a little bit of leeway in climbing the ladder, and the addition of Supersonic Legends has also seen a mix-up at the top of the tree. In our breakdown of the Rocket League rank distributions, you'll be able to see what percentage of players are also in your division, and what proportion of players you're better than. 

Rocket League Rank Distribution 3v3

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The chunk of the 3v3 rank distribution is slammed down the throat of Diamond and Platinum, with Champion I also being thrown into the mix. Here, you can see just how few players find the extra skills to escape Champ I, which is seemingly where the mechanical game becomes more relevant. 

Rank Distribution Percentage
Supersonic Legend 0.001%
Grand Champion III 0.09%
Grand Champion II 0.61%
Grand Champion I 1.24%
Champion III  2.32%
Champion II 4.22%
Champion I 8.21%
Diamond III 8.41%
Diamond II 10.47%
Diamond I 12.42%
Platinum III 9.72%
Platinum II 9.51%
Platinum I 8.89%
Gold III 7.18%
Gold II 5.56%
Gold I 3.68%
Silver III 2.08%
Silver II 1.08%
Silver I 0.47%
Bronze II 0.18%
Bronze II 0.07%
Bronze I 0.03%
Unranked 3.57%

Only a slither of players have hit SSL in 3v3, given the nature of having to rely on teammates to progress.


Rocket League Rank Distribution 2v2

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Unlike this standard game mode, the Rocket League rank distribution for 2v2 is weighed in favour of the Champion and Diamond divisions, with most players easily escaping Platinum and the lower ranks. 

Rank Distribution Percentage
Supersonic Legend 0.001%
Grand Champion III 0.04%
Grand Champion II 0.38%
Grand Champion I 2.58%
Champion III  4.77%
Champion II 8.70%
Champion I 16.11%
Diamond III 13.47%
Diamond II 14.26%
Diamond I 14.03%
Platinum III 8.12%
Platinum II 6.27%
Platinum I 4.04%
Gold III 2.26%
Gold II 1.22%
Gold I 0.59%
Silver III 0.28%
Silver II 0.12%
Silver I 0.05%
Bronze II 0.02%
Bronze II 0.01%
Bronze I 0.001%
Unranked 2.68%

Again, the ceiling of Champ I seems to be where players struggle to create enough skill to progress, possibly indicating that Champ I is where players tend to need the help of training packs.

Rocket League Rank Distribution 1v1

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On your lonesome, Rocket League rank distributions shift heavily back towards Platinum, where just shy of 40% of players can be found. The emphasis on mechanics rather than fundamentals definitely helps here, hence a lower shift through the ranks. If you're hitting Platinum III though, you should be happy as you're in the top 35% of players worldwide.

Rank Distribution Percentage
Supersonic Legend 0.08%
Grand Champion III 0.09%
Grand Champion II 0.13%
Grand Champion I 0.23%
Champion III  0.45%
Champion II 0.85%
Champion I 1.61%
Diamond III 3.06%
Diamond II 5.07%
Diamond I 8.11%
Platinum III 11.49%
Platinum II 13.97%
Platinum I 14.60%
Gold III 11.69%
Gold II 8.29%
Gold I 5.06%
Silver III 2.58%
Silver II 1.25%
Silver I 0.54%
Bronze II 0.22%
Bronze II 0.09%
Bronze I 0.04%
Unranked 10.50%

Supersonic Legend is much more densely populated in 1v1 too, given that players can soar past Grand Champion by only relying on themselves. 

There you have it. In some cases, being a Plat pal isn't too bad, and you now know where your current skill set can get you. If you need to now push through the Rocket League rank distributions, rotations and air rolls might be key, if you're willing to put in the time. 

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