Rainbow Six Siege Y8S2 Dread Factor: Release date, Fenrir Operator, map rework & more

Rainbow Six Siege Y8S2 Dread Factor: Release date, Fenrir Operator, map rework & more
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Lloyd Coombes


14th May 2023 20:00


Rainbow Six Siege has been growing for 8 years, and following on from Operation Commanding Force, Operation Dread Factor is arriving (Y8S2).

The new season follows the usual format, meaning there is a series of quality-of-life changes, a map rework, and the headline addition of a new Operator, Fenrir.

Want to know when you can play it, who the new Operator is, and plenty more? Here's our guide to the game's second update of the year.

Rainbow Six Siege Y8S2 Dread Factor Release Date

Ubisoft has revealed that Rainbow Six Siege Y8S2 Dread Factor will launch on May 30 on console and PC.

As with all Rainbow Six Siege content drops, it'll be a free addition.

Rainbow Six Siege Y8S2 Dread Factor Operator

The new Operator for Rainbow Six Siege Y8S2 is Fenrir, and he's definitely the season's biggest new addition.

A Swedish Defender with a new gadget called the F-NATT Dread Mine, he can trigger a gas that gives a distinctly VALORANT-like clouded FOV - leaving enemies ready for a quick takedown.

Find out more about Fenrir in our full Rainbow Six Siege Fenrir Operator guide.

Rainbow Six Siege Y8S2 Dread Factor Map Rework

Consulate is the map getting a rework in Dread Factor, and it's getting a sizeable update. Attacker spawns have been changed to make them less vulnerable in outdoor areas, removing some spawn peeking angles.

Stairs have been revamped to aid navigation and bomb sites have been changed up, too. There's also a new room leading into the Garage bomb site.

Rainbow Six Siege Y8S2 Dread Factor Quality of Life changes

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Dread Factor will add a new set of Shooting Range options, including an Aiming Lane and a breakable wall to test bullet penetration.

Arcade modes will now be available permanently, with the following options available at the launch of the season:

  • Headshots Only
  • Snipers Only
  • Golden Gun
  • Deathmatch
  • Free for All

Free for all is a new mode for Y8S2 Dread Factor, and as the name suggests, will pit ten players against each other to rack up kills.

There are new controller layouts for console players, too, as well as an overhaul to Grim - find out more about that in our rundown of the full patch notes.

Players can also use a new overhauled match replay Free Camera feature. This helps players create content, as well as learn from their mistakes or capture their best moments.

Rainbow Six Siege Y8S2 Dread Factor Roadmap changes

Ubisoft has shifted up the Observation Blocker gadget to Y8S2, with the upcoming Frost rework pushed back to Y8S3.

The Observation blocker is ideal for blocking a line of sight, and while it can be destroyed by gadgets and drones (it's invisible to Operators), it should avoid attackers from being able to look straight into the site and identify everyone in seconds.

That's all we know about Operation Dread Factor in Rainbow Six Siege. For more, be sure to check out our Year 8 roadmap guide to everything coming in 2023.

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