Pokemon Legends Arceus Space-Time Distortions Explained

Pokemon Legends Arceus Space-Time Distortions Explained
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1st Feb 2022 12:54

Pokemon Legends Arceus Space-Time Distortions are a random event that occurs while out exploring, and just by the name, they're incredibly mysterious. This is one of several new mechanics the game introduces to the franchise with Pokemon Legends Arceus, and they're crucial for catching rare Pokemon and acquiring important items. Here's the lowdown on Pokemon Legends Arceus Space-Time Distortions and why you should be paying attention to them.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Space-Time Distortions: How To Activate

Pokemon Legends Arceus Space-Time Distortions: A space-time distortion appears on the map
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Space-Time Distortions begin to happen randomly in Pokemon Legends Arceus after you calm Kleavor in the Obsidian Fieldlands. They can occur anywhere, so you need to be ready for them. Luckily you get a window of time to get involved, as whenever a Space-Time Distortion is about to begin you will be alerted. When this happens, check your map for the location. You have about five minutes to get to the distortion before it begins, so you should have ample time to get ready.

The Space-Time Distortion appears as a large dome and once inside it, you should be able to see a purple haze around the edge. You'll know the distortion has begun properly when a notification appears, and the border of the dome becomes a more solid purple colour. You'll also know it because a lot of Pokemon are going to appear very quickly.

  • You might find yourself a couple of Eevees in a distortion, but to find them more reliably check out Pokemon Legends Arceus Eevee: Where To Find And How To Evolve.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Space-Time Distortions: What To Do

Pokemon Legends Arceus Space-Time Distortions: The Space-Time Distortion begins
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As said, a lot of the Pokemon who appear in a Space-Time Distortion will be rare to the area, maybe even some of the rarest in the game. You're going to want to catch as many as you can, but this is easier said than done.

Distortions will scale to your level, but the Pokemon tend to appear spontaneously and in groups of three. As such, prepare to battle several Pokemon at once to catch the ones you want. It is totally possible to employ stealth in a distortion, but it is difficult. Often times your best bet is to catch a Pokemon unawares just as it appears.

As well as Pokemon, items appear on the ground inside a Space-Time Distortion. These range from valuable items for selling to rare evolutionary items. As such, it is usually a good idea to head into a Space-Time Distortion with plenty of empty slots in your satchel. Grab everything you can while the distortion is active.

After a few minutes, the Space-Time Distortion will dissipate and the Pokemon will disappear. When it does, it's probably best to head back to Jubilife to drop off valuable items (shards can be crafted into very expensive items later on) and check on your new Pokemon!

That is everything you need to know about Pokemon Legends Arceus Space-Time Distortions! For more info on another mystery in Hisui, check out our guide on how to unlock and complete Pokemon Legends Arceus Request 10.


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