Pokemon Legends Arceus Moon Stone: How To Get One And Which Pokemon To Evolve

Pokemon Legends Arceus Moon Stone: How To Get One And Which Pokemon To Evolve

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Dave McAdam


9th Feb 2022 13:02

Looking for a Pokemon Legends Arceus Moon Stone? Pokemon Legends Arceus features Clefairy, who needs a Moon Stone to evolve into Clefable. There are a few sources of possible Moon Stones, but we have a guaranteed method to get one for yourself. Here is our Pokemon Legends Arceus Moon Stone guide with everything you need to know.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Moon Stone: Where To Get Them

Pokemon Legends Arceus Moon Stone: Buying a Moon Stone for Merit Points
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There are a few ways to get Moon Stones in Pokemon Legends Arceus. The obvious way is to buy one with Pokemon Legends Arceus Merit Points. Head to Simona in Jubilife Village, as she will sell you a Moon Stone for 1000 Merit Points. If this is your preference, you better get out there and find plenty of Pokemon Legends Arceus Lost Satchels to get those points.

Another possibility is to find Moon Stones on the ground during a Pokemon Legends Arceus Space-Time Distortion. When these events happen, rare items appear randomly on the ground. You will find plenty of items to sell, and occasionally some evolutionary items. If you're lucky, you might find a Moon Stone among them.


Pokemon Legends Arceus Moon Stone: Clefairy's Moonlit Dance

Pokemon Legends Arceus Moon Stone: A full moon over Coronet Highlands
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To get yourself a guaranteed Moon Stone, and without paying for it, this is the request for you. Request number 67 is available from Professor Laventon's blackboard. Clefairy's Moonlit Dance is a request that becomes available after you have caught a Clefairy. If you haven't, head to Fabled Spring in the Coronet Highlands at night to catch one.

Once you start the request head downstairs to speak to Astair. He will tell you he wants to know if the Clefairy of Hisui dance during a full moon as they did back home. Head to the Coronet Highlands, ideally start at the Base Camp. Use the tent to sleep until nighttime, then climb up onto the cliff behind it. From here you can clearly see the moon rise in the west.

What you need is a full moon, so if the moon is not full head back to camp and wait until nightfall. It can take a minute for the moon to rise, so settle in to do this for a while. Check the image above to see exactly what a full moon looks like if you're unsure, some of those almost full moons can trick you.

Once the moon is full, head south to the Fabled Spring again. Follow the quest marker and you will be prompted to press 'A' to investigate. A cutscene will play, and after an item will appear on the ground. That item is a Moon Stone, so grab it before heading back to Jubilife to complete the request.

That is everything you need to know to get yourself a Pokemon Legends Arceus Moon Stone. For another guide on evolving a Pokemon using an evolutionary item, check out How To Evolve Graveler in Pokemon Legends Arceus Into Golem!


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