How To Change Clothes In Pokemon BDSP

How To Change Clothes In Pokemon BDSP
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25th Nov 2021 21:53

Knowing how to change clothes in Pokemon BDSP won't be a problem for anyone who remembers how the original worked, but if you're new to the Gen 4 games then it won't be immediately obvious. Pokemon BDSP brings the classic generation 4 games, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, that were originally released back in 2006 on the Nintendo DS to the modern age, with improved graphics and gameplay. Many aspects of the game remain how they were in the originals, including in-game outfits, which allow the player to change the appearance of their character. These can range from seasonal outfits to styles based on certain Pokemon such as Eevee.

If you're not a fan of the main style and want to know how to change clothes in Pokemon BDSP then you're in luck, this guide has everything you need to know about where to find the Metronome Style Shop, as well as how to purchase new outfits and which outfits are available in Pokemon BDSP.

How To Change Clothes In Pokemon BDSP

Pokemon BDSP Metronome Style Shop
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There are many outfits available in Pokemon BDSP, but you must get a few hours through the game before you're able to change your style and purchase new ones. You won't be able to do this until you reach Veilstone City, which is the location where you will take on the third gym leader. 

Once you're at Veilstone City you need to head to the Metronome Style Shop, this is where the Veilstone Game Corner used to be in the original Pokemon Diamond and Pearl games on the Nintendo DS and can be found in the southern part of Veilstone City. It is instantly recognizable due to the two Clefairy's that can be found on the sign on the building. Once you've found the building, which can be quite tricky as the city is confusing to navigate for first-time visitors, head to the counter at the back of the shop and speak to the woman behind it to check out the new outfits that are available.

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Pokemon BDSP Outfits List

In the Metronome Style Shop, there are a variety of different outfits that can be purchased and worn in the game. Here are all of the outfits you can purchase.

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  • Pikachu Hoodie Style - 8,500
  • Overalls Style - 21,000
  • Eevee Jacket Style - 98,000
  • Gengar Jacket Style - 98,000
  • Cyber Style - 45,000
  • Winter Style - 50,000
  • Spring Style - 34,000
  • Casual Style - 86,000
  • Leather Jacket Style - 120,000

Once you have purchased a style you can wear it immediately. Or if you want to change your look later in the game you can head back to the shop and press the + button to swap your style with another outfit you own.

Now you know how to change clothes in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, read up on our Pokemon BDSP Poffins guide.


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